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Do you live in a high-risk flood zone? Flooding can have devastating effects on your home, destroying items of sentimental value and costing huge amounts in repairs. If you want to protect your home from floods, here are just a few measures that you can take to safeguard your property; 

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Raise everything

Raising everything above the average flood level can stop vital possessions and amenities in your home from getting damaged. Use sturdy storage and furniture on legs and store items on shelves. You may also want to consider raising plug sockets, TV cable entrance and other electronic components such as air conditioning units and electric heaters. Of course, there are ways that you can stop water getting into your property in the first place, which could be a more sensible option…

Upgrade your drainage

Good drainage can help to prevent water reaching your home. It could be worth scheduling an AMS drain survey to see what the state of your drains is like. This could help you to then make improvements to encourage drainage. Non-return valves can stop water backing up through your sink and toilet, whilst outflow pipes can be added to prevent sewage overflowing. Above all, you want to make sure that there aren’t any blockages – getting your drain inspected regularly could help to identify blockages and prevent further flooding.

Add flood guards to doors

If you want to go one step beyond sandbags you could get a flood guard installed on your front door. This can prevent water from entering your home by offering a sturdy barrier. There are also options such as the Hydrosnake, which can fit underneath your door and prevent water from seeping in. You can buy these flood guards online.

Wet proof your foundations

Water damage can run deep into the structure of your home. Most people fail to consider their home’s foundations – if damaged by water this can have negative effects on the whole house leading to subsidence and other dangers. Cracks in foundations can often be an access point for water, which could lead to flooding within the house. Your best defence against foundation damage is to hire a professional contractor to seal up all cracks as well adding a membrane to the outside and possibly using methods such as trenching. This can be an expensive home improvement but it’s a worth investment considering the amount of damage it could prevent.

Take out flood insurance

Flood insurance won’t prevent a flood but it’s still handy to have for compensating the cost of replacing and repairing damage. There are specialist insurers out there that can give you better rates on this scheme that your average property insurer due to being able to offer a more detailed risk assessment. Adding the above flood measures to your home could also help to lower your insurance rates by making you less of a risk.

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