Five ways technology has changed our lives for the better


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Compared to 30 years ago, our lives at home have changed drastically due to developments in technology, and it’s actually quite astonishing how different our lives would be if those changes hadn’t been implemented. Today’s generation of young parents are used to having some of these luxuries, as most have been introduced within our lifetime. But think about your parents and how different their lives were growing up, and their parents too. It really is quite amazing. Take a look at these 5 ways technology has changed our lives for the better.

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The first thing that has drastically changed thanks to technology is the way that we communicate with each other. Remember the days where all we had was a landline phone, and that was literally only used in emergencies or for vital information? Well, now we can get in touch with anyone around the world that has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Gone are the days of being stranded if our cars break down, and thankfully so are the days of worrying about large phone bills if you’re talking for too long!


If there’s one thing that we’re all now very much accustomed to, it’s entertainment in our lives. Children are bored? Switch on the TV. It’s mad to think that just a short time ago, many households lived without them, and had to wait until they could afford a TV aerial installer to come out and bring entertainment in the form of television into our lives. We now have the luxury of gaming consoles, and even the ability to watch pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want with services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.


Believe it or not, technology has even changed the way we eat. Years ago when we weren’t sure on how to make a dish, we’d get a recipe from a book or a family member. Now though, we can simply search the dish we want to make and voila! The internet is packed full of recipes, but it doesn’t just stop there. It’s also full of recipes that are friendly to individual eating habits or preferences like gluten and egg free. Amazing right?

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How amazing is it that now we don’t even have to leave our homes to get the latest trends on the high street? While retail therapy is still at large, those who can’t get out because of disability, illness or small children can still shop and have the best of both worlds. Grocery shopping is also another option for people who can’t make it out, or simply don’t want to!


Finally, the most amazing part of what technology has given us is the fact that we can learn through it too. Children stuck on their homework? Search engines. Need to know why your car is making that noise? Search engines. We really are lucky as a society to have this luxury in our lives!

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