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When your children get sick, they come first and everything else has to fit in around it. It’s been quite a couple of weeks as Olly came down with chicken pox two weeks ago and it was horrendous. When your children get that poorly that you can’t cuddle them properly because it hurts them, it’s heartbreaking.

His first obvious spot arrived on the Sunday evening and unbeknown to us, it was the dreaded pox. No further spots arrived until Tuesday and over the next few days, they kept appearing. He was feeling fine in himself so we escaped to the park making sure we didn’t come into contact with anyone else. However, by Friday he had more than 150 spots and blisters covering his body. They were everywhere; in his hair, in his groin, between his toes, under his arms, in his ears, literally everywhere. I completely underestimated how poorly children could get with this childhood disease.

On Saturday, he was really poorly with a temperature and feeling very sore. He spent the day in his pjs on the sofa curled up next to me. We did the bath with oats in the foot of a pair of tights and I tried to be as gentle as I could whilst applying a cooling mousse to his spot riddled body. We were both sobbing by the end of it as it was really painful for him and for me to see him so upset was just horrendous. Thankfully by Wednesday his spots were beginning to dry up and on Thursday he went back to school, after six days off poorly.

Having a chicken pox riddled child off school along with a four month old baby who wakes up early left me with very little time to get any work done (either around the house or on my blog / freelance work). By 8:30pm, I was in bed with my laptop trying to catch up drinking coffee attempting to keep my eyes open to meet deadlines and get agreed work complete. Whilst I am loving being off work on maternity leave, I’m grateful I’ve been able to stay at home with Olly and Freddie. Going to work when your children are poorly is rubbish and although it was rubbish that he got chicken pox, thankfully I could stay at home and be with both my boys.

This week we’re away for a few days as it’s half term and we wanted to get away from the same four walls and introduce Freddie to the seaside. We all need the break and I really hope the weather picks up as it’s been a bit rubbish lately. Olly is feeling much better and is desperate to go swimming so we have lots of plans for fun days out and family time.

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  • Reply Nicola Bradbury 29/05/2018 at 8:05 pm

    So glad Olly is feeling better lovely. I remember when Alfie got them really bad when he was three and he also had impetigo at the same time, so his mouth was all covered in scabs too. Utterly heartbreaking like you say. He’s still got a couple of little scars on his face now from where the had them really bad! Hope you all have a great half term – fingers crossed you get good weather! xx

  • Reply mummywho 30/05/2018 at 7:16 am

    Aww how terrible for Olly, glad he is better now!

    Kay xx

    • Reply Emma 30/05/2018 at 10:10 pm

      Thanks Kay xx

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