My top nappy changing tips with Bepanthen (AD)


Freddie is now twelve weeks old and we are well into the swing of the regular feeds, disturbed nights and nappy changes. It’s funny as a parent, the second time around, how you can forget how frequent nappy changes can be with a newborn. However it all comes flooding back and before you know it, you can change a nappy in the dark with your eyeballs refusing to open through sleep deprivation.


Since I’ve become a Mummy, I’ve had my fair share of nappy related incidents and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I’ve picked up some brilliant tips along the way from other parents, unfortunate incidents and rookie-style errors of judgement. Here are my top nappy changing tips, in association with Bepanthen;

  • Be Prepared; there is nothing worse than being faced with an unhappy baby, a filled nappy and no provisions to help you out. Make sure you have everything you need to hand before you go for the change.
  • Organise several nappy stations around the home for quick and easy changes throughout the day; I have a plastic crate with spare nappies, wipes, nappy bags, Bepanthen nappy care ointment and hand sanitiser in the lounge, the same in our bedroom for throughout the night and one in Freddie’s bedroom which is where our main changing table and mat is.
  • Make sure you select the right size nappy; nappy sizes are based on the weight of the baby (usually in kilograms) but bear in mind the size of your baby. Be aware that most nappy sizes overlap weights.
  • Test out nappies before you bulk buy; don’t bulk buy nappies to find out they don’t suit your baby. Buy a smaller pack when using them for the first time to ensure they are suitable and then buy in bulk if you’re happy with them.
  • Use Bepanthen nappy care ointment to help protect your baby from nappy rash; nappy rash can be caused by several things including the length of time your baby is in a wet nappy, soap, detergent or bubble bath, alcohol based baby wipes and a nappy rubbing against babies skin.
  • Always check the nappy is secure before putting on their clothes; babies wriggle and a poorly fitted nappy can cause an unhappy baby (and considerable mess!) if using disposables always check the tapes are secure and the frilly bits are outside of the nappy.


In my experience, nappy rash can escalate quickly so using a nappy care ointment such as Bepanthen can prevent it. Bepanthen is clinically proven for babies delicate skin and is free from potentially toxic ingredients that you wouldn’t want to put on your babies skin. It contains pro-vitamin B5 in it which gently aids the natural recovery of babies skin whilst keeping it soft and moisturised. Applying a thin layer of Bepanthen to your baby’s clean, dry bottom as part of their nappy change routine will help to prevent nappy rash.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Bepanthen. 

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