Going from one to two // Expectations versus reality

Siblings March 2018

I’ve been a Mama of two beautiful boys for 11 whole weeks now and in complete honesty, it’s been a real learning curve. Falling pregnant with our little Freddie almost 12 months ago now, was an absolute dream come true and on many occasions I imagined what life would be like with two children; another little one for Shilts and I to love and adore and a brother or sister for Olly to become best buddies with and grow up with. But what I imagined it to be like and what it is really like (in true insta-style expectation versus reality) is somewhat different! 

Siblings March 2018

I feel I need to add in right at the beginning here that our little Freddie is a joy to be around. He’s (so far) such a content baby, he’s happy most of the time, likes his sleep and seems to have outgrown the sicky stage. But boy, I very naively didn’t expect to be pulled in various different directions throughout the day leaving me feeling completely knackered by 8pm every evening.

Expectation 1

Expectation: You’ll get all the laundry washed and dried whilst the baby sleeps

Reality: Where did ALL the washing come from? Seriously, there’s loads! There’s only four of us in this house yet it looks like we’re washing clothes for a football team. Washing the clothes is not a problem, but where do you dry them all? You have to be in the house for the dryer to be on and we don’t have that many radiators. Even the airer isn’t big enough!

Expectation 2

Expectation: Maternity leave will be enjoyed in coffee shops and leisurely walks to the park

Reality: You can’t justify spending money on a medium skinny latte with sugar free caramel syrup anymore and the weather will be completely rubbish meaning you won’t be able to take a leisurely walk to the park with your newborn because you’ll both end up completely soaked and your hair will need drying (which you don’t have time to do anymore!) because, well, frizz. End of.

Expectation 3

Expectation: You’ll have time to cook wholesome nutritious evening meals for the whole family

Reality: You won’t have had chance to prepare any element of a home cooked dinner all day and when your husband walks in after a busy day at work, you hand the baby over, go for that wee you promised yourself three hours ago and reach for the frozen food in the freezer to bung in the oven before time runs away and it’s time to bath the children and get them into bed.

Expectation 4

Expectation: When baby number two comes along they’ll slot into your existing routine 

Reality: This is partly true (hello bedtime!) but partly complete rubbish as your routine will completely change as you’re normal (whatever that was) will be a distance memory!

Life is so very different today from what it was just last year. It’s fantastic and draining all rolled in one with moments of euphoric joy and those of despair thrown in for good measure! I honestly couldn’t have anticipated how life would be with two children and believe expectations need to be banished. If you don’t expect anything and just ride the tide, I’d say it was far easier than trying to battle against what you imagined life would be like.

And no, we won’t be trying for a girl or a third, I’d rather have a puppy!

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