5 film locations I really want to visit..

Greenwich Park London

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Have you ever been on holiday or a day trip somewhere to find yourself somewhere really familiar and you’re unsure why? Maybe you recognise the road, the park or a particular shopfront or pub that are giving you a déjà vu moment then you realise it’s been on the big screen as part of a film. 

Greenwich Park London

Greenwich Park // location for many a film set including Bridget Jones, Sherlock Holmes, The King’s Speech and Patriot Games

That’s exactly what happened to me a few years back. I was exploring the capital with my husband and brother-in-law and found myself at the side entrance of Borough Market and it looked so familiar. It took me ages to work out why I knew where we were because I knew I had never been there before. But of course it was one of the locations where the fantastic Bridget Jones lived above The Globe pub. We had stumbled on it completely by chance and I was so thrilled we had stood where one of my favourite movies was filmed. And Hugh Grant must have stood on the very same spot as me too, he must have..swoon!

With this flashback in mind, there are lots of places I want to visit because they’ve been featured in a film but here are my top five.

My top five film locations I really want to visit

  1. Los Angeles – featured in one of my absolute favourite films of all time, Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. There’s many hotspots around the city that I would love to visit but my must-see spots include the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain to cop a squat under a tree and the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel where Edward was staying on his business trip.
  2. Bodega Bay, Northern California – the jagged rock formations of the coastline featured in a classic film from my childhood. Bodega Bay is the location where they filmed the scene at the end of the film where The Goonies find out they have diamonds in their pockets and the Fratellis emerge to be arrested by Police.
  3. Maya Bay, Thailand – if there’s one beach in the world I would love to spend a day or three soaking up the sun with a cocktail in hand it would be Maya Bay. Most famously known as the bay from the film The Beach featuring my teenage heart throb, Leonardo DiCaprio.
  4. Lake Union, Seattle – made famous from being featured in the film Sleepless in Seattle, Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin and his son live in a houseboat on the west shore of Lake Union. The houseboats are a brilliantly unique way of living and the area looks fascinating.
  5. London – there have been so many locations in London featured in hundreds of films that I would love to visit. To name just a few these include Greenwich Park, Notting Hill, Houses of Parliament and Regents Park.

If you love a good film location too, you can find out more famous spots with the Travel Republic guide here. Where would you love to visit? What are your favourite films and must-see locations?

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