4 Sibling Bedroom Sharing Tips


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Whilst it’s not going to happen in the next few months, at some point in the latter part of this year Freddie will be going into Olly’s bedroom and they’ll be sharing a room. We only live in a two bedroom terrace house so space is at a premium and therefore having the boys share a bedroom is something that has always been on the cards. 


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Olly’s bedroom is a brilliant size. It’s currently got his cabin bed in it along with his wardrobe and Freddie’s changing table and drawer unit. Over the next few months, Freddie’s cotbed will be assembled and we’ll have to find some room for it in the bedroom. Having the boys sharing a bedroom will mean compromise and clever storage in play for all their clothes and toys.

Ensure each child has their own space

Olly’s had his own bedroom for the last 4 and a half years so Freddie moving in will probably come as a bit of a shock. To help him cope with his little brother joining him overnight we’re going to make sure that each of them has their own side of the room. Having their own little bit of space will help them feel safe and not threatened by the other sibling.

Decorate the room to make it inviting

Olly currently has his bedroom plainly decorated with patterned curtains and accessories but when Freddie moves in, we’ll make an effort and decorate the room to make it more inviting to them both. Olly is a cars, trains and planes fanatic so it’s inevitable that little Freddie will no doubt end up liking the same wheeled automobiles. Wallsauce have a brilliant collection of children’s wallpaper murals which would look fantastic on the walls in their shared bedroom. I particularly love the space shuttle murals, they would look amazing on the big wall in their room. The murals are not expensive and will instantly change the look of the room. Nearer the time we’ll let Olly choose something he likes to sweeten the pill of him having to share with his brother.


Image courtesy of Wallsauce

Create a relaxing space

As much as you want your children to love their bedrooms, it’s also a space where they need to feel safe relaxed and calm so that sleep comes naturally. This can be aided by using blackout blinds on the windows, soft lighting and cosy bed linen so that they’ll want to doze off and sleep through the night.

Encourage safety first

With a five year old and a little one sharing a room, encouraging the older child to be vigilant of their surroundings is something that we’ll need to do. Olly has lots of toys with small parts so we’ve already told him how dangerous these could be for Freddie. Reminding Olly to tidy up after himself to not only protect his belongings and his brother is something we’ll be regularly saying to him so its second nature. Of course, we’ll be checking Freddie’s sleeping space before bedtime for rogue Lego and car figures just in case.

I’m sure the boys will love sharing a bedroom once they’ve both got used to it. Olly’s always said that he hated sleeping alone so sleeping in the same room as his brother will be a treat. We just need to time it right so that Freddie doesn’t wake up through the night, no-one needs a grumpy schoolboy!

Have your children shared a bedroom? Do you have any siblings bedroom sharing tips? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Reply plutoniumsox 29/01/2018 at 9:55 am

    Brilliant tips! Honestly, sharing a room is the best thing we ever did with our two. They’re so close as a result. We do have another room and have asked a couple of times if they want to have their own room, but they are both so happy together it’s adorable.

    • Reply Emma 30/01/2018 at 12:45 am

      Thank you Nat, I think they’re going to have a brilliant bond as they grow up x

  • Reply Kelly Knowles 31/01/2018 at 5:01 pm

    Love this, i have four little ones three girls and one boy, they love sharing, i know i m going have to eventually put peter into his own room, but i honestly think he will not like been away from his sisters.

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