The Nativity // Olly’s school day memories


Earlier this week, it was time for Reception class to tread the boards and put on their nativity performance. Olly had been given the part of an inn keeper and had a speaking line of which he was quite excited about. If you’ve been following Olly’s progress at school you’ll know that it’s not been easy for him. He’s quite anxious in the mornings before school and worries about EVERYTHING so we had anticipated that he would be quite nervous and anxious about the performance. 

Cue a large dumping of snow and unfortunately school closed for two days and the nativity was cancelled. We had spoken about the nativity and what Olly was being asked to do and he seemed to be really calm about it. We didn’t talk about it excessively as we thought that would make him worse but wanted to mention it to him so he knew what was coming.

The snow and ice melted and school re-opened with a Nativity performance rescheduled for their first morning back after two days off school. There were tears. We knew there would be. Olly had been worrying about going on stage and saying his line out loud. Last year as a pre-schooler he completely refused to stand on the stage and take part so we had visions of the same thing happening again.

We managed to coax him into school and his teachers reassured us he would be fine. I wasn’t so sure. No-one tells you the amount of anxiety you feel as a parent when your own child is worried about something. Even though you know he’ll probably be okay and get through it.

Both Shilts and I took our seats in the school hall and anxiously waited to see how Olly was. To our absolute amazement, when the children walked into the school hall to sit in front of the stage, Olly walked in with a smile on his face. He was dressed all in black with a grey robe over him. Other children were dressed as angels, animals and of course there was Mary and Joseph, the 3 Wise Men and lots of shepherds. They all looked fantastic in their costumes.

Olly nativity innkeeper

Now I’m not sure if it was just pure relief or my pregnancy hormones but I couldn’t stop the tears filling my eyes. I was a big snotty mess before the performance even started. We watched Olly and his friends sing, perform the actions to songs and dance across the stage. We waved at Olly and he waved back at us, it was just wonderful to see.

Then it came to the part of the nativity when Olly had to speak and he did it. So clear and brave. He said his line and I was so proud of him. Even Shilts had a tear in his eye. It was such an achievement for him. To some it might not have been a massive thing but to Olly and us it really was. Such a big step for him and one that I know wasn’t easy for him.

The rest of the nativity went well and at the end we were able to take some photographs. Unfortunately Olly got upset as he thought we had gone without taking a photograph of him (I was waiting for the gaggle of school Mums and Nans to die down before taking my bump up to the front of the stage for photographs) so I didn’t get a very good photograph of him. Thankfully Nanny and Grandad went to the second performance the following day and managed to get a photograph of our little innkeeper in not such a state.

The relief of him finishing the performance was overwhelming. I know it wasn’t an easy thing for him to do, especially getting up on stage, in a costume, singing, dancing and speaking out loud. We couldn’t be more proud of him for doing it so well. I certainly cried lots of happy, proud tears on Wednesday!

Now just to get through the next three days at school that are sure to be tough as there’s no routine, a carol concert at the church and general Christmas fun to be had.

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  • Reply plutoniumsox 16/12/2017 at 11:04 pm

    Aww bless him, well done to him. What a little star! I’m so glad it went well after all the worry.

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