The Christmas experience at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Over the weekend, we took Olly for an afternoon of festive fun at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge. Over the last few years, I have heard really good things about the Christmas experience at the Reindeer Lodge so wanted to see for ourselves what the experience could offer us. Olly’s the perfect age to soak up all the Christmas magic so we donned our wellies, wrapped up warm and headed up to Rugeley to explore. 

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Our allocated time for our visit was 2.30pm but due to the lodge being unbelievably busy, we had trouble parking. Unfortunately we missed our time slot for Elf School but the staff managed to re-arrange our booking for 90 minutes later so we had time to explore the lodge and meet the reindeer before our visit to see Father Christmas.

What’s included in the ticket price?

Our ticket price (£23 each for children aged 1 – 12 years and £17 each for an adult) included entry into Blithbury Reindeer Lodge, talks by the experienced staff, the opportunity to feed and fuss over 100 reindeer, story-time by the fire, attendance at the original Elf School, a personal visit with Santa and access to the Elves Toy Workshop where the children can select a gift to take home.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

We first explored the barn where there was the chance for the children to decorate gingerbread biscuits. If you turn a gingerbread man (or woman, no discrimination here) upside down it makes the perfect template for a reindeer. The elves gave Olly a biscuit, some warm icing and a smartie for the nose and invited him to decorate the biscuit. This was a really lovely activity for Olly to do whilst we grabbed a hot drink and a snack from the barn cafe to keep warm (take cash as this is the only method of payment).

Within the barn is a roaring fire where stories are read out to the children but due to timings we didn’t get chance to hear one.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Feeding the reindeer

We then stepped out into the cold to explore the lodge and feed some reindeer. You could feed the reindeer for £1 a tub of lichen (moss) bought from reception which I feel could have been included in the cost of our ticket nevertheless, Olly wanted to feed the reindeer so we bought a tub for him to feed them from.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Due to our late arrival and issues with parking, we were kindly given a token for an authentic sleigh ride pulled by one of the reindeer. This would usually cost £7.50 for one sleigh ride (each sleigh seats up to 3 people) so Shilts and Olly jumped at the chance to enjoy the ride. I didn’t partake being 36 weeks pregnant so watched on as the boys enjoyed the ride. They were pulled along by Alfie the Reindeer who apparently was the nicest reindeer of the herd.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Elf School Attendance

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the barn for our visit to Elf School. We were ushered in and two elves kept the children entertained with songs, stories, playing of bells and lots of other interaction.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

It was all good fun and a great way to keep the little ones entertained whilst they waited to be called into see Santa.

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Visit to see Santa

After 20 minutes, Olly’s name was called and he was fetched by an elf to knock on Santa’s grotto door. Olly was invited in and he sat next to Santa for a chat. It was very cosy in the grotto and we met Santa who was friendly and engaging with Olly. He asked Olly what he wanted for Christmas and asked him to leave out a mince pie, carrot and some milk on Christmas Eve. Olly was then invited to go into the Elves Toy Workshop where he could pick a gift to take home. Olly’s face lit up at this point and couldn’t wait to see what he could take home. There was a range of different gifts for all age groups and of course, Olly picked up a box of lorries!

Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Before heading home, we explored the rest of the lodge, visiting the sweet shop and meeting Head of Security; Doolie a very cute little dog. We had a look around the gift shop where you could pick up some Christmas decorations and then headed home.

We had a lovely afternoon at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge. We spent at least 2.5 hours there exploring around the lodge, feeding and petting the reindeer, enjoying the activities and meeting Santa. I do feel the ticket price was a little expensive for what we received in return but Olly really enjoyed it and seeing him feed the reindeer was lovely to witness. Overall, a really lovely festive experience surrounded by a lovely herd of Reindeer!

Disclosure: We paid for our own tickets to this attraction and thought I’d share our honest review of how we found it. All words and images are my own.

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    Oh this sounds lovely! I have heard mixed reviews on this over the past couple of years, but when things go wrong it often hinges on how they deal with it. It sounds like they dealt with it perfectly by rearranging elf school and giving you free sleigh ride tickets. Glad Olly had a great day.

    21/12/2017 at 5:06 pm
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