Can you really wash a load in 28 minutes? // Beko Washing Machine Review

Beko Washing Machine

One of the household chores that I really dislike doing is the washing. There is always a full washing basket whether I’m on top of the washing or not and with only three of us in the house, I really don’t know where it all comes from! Imagine my delight, (I realise I sound old now) but recently, Beko offered us a brand new washing machine to review with the added feature of full 9kg load only taking 28 minutes? Wow, can you really wash a load of washing in just 28 minutes? I was keen to try it out! 

Our washing machine was delivered and unfortunately we had trouble with the plumbing and installation no thanks to TeamKnowHow. Nevertheless, my wonderful Dad knows a thing or two about plumbing so installed it for us and we were all set to get on top of the washing.

We were sent a freestanding 9kg 1400rpm Beko Washing Machine (WTG941B1) in black to match the rest of the utilities in our kitchen and I couldn’t wait to see how it could help me and my washing woes!

Beko Washing Machine

Key Features

  • Daily quick programme – 9kg in just 28 minutes
  • Large 9kg load capacity (which in washing terms is 4 doubled bed linen sets, 12 towels or 45 shirts)
  • Quick wash programme – 2kg in just 14 minutes
  • Large 34cm porthole door so you can easily insert larger items into the drum
  • Hand wash programme
  • Drum clean programme – removes bacteria from the drum at 70°C (ideal for families)

The Beko WTG941B1 Washing Machine has all the usual features you would find in a washing machine with 15 different washing programmes including mixed fabrics, hand wash, baby and toddler clothing and spin and drain. It also has auxiliary functions of pre-wash, rinse hold, no spin, extra rinse and quicker wash so you can customise the washing programme to suit your needs.

Other features include a digital display (so you can see the time remaining on a washing programme), indicator light on all functions, automatic child lock (a must for those with intrigued little ones), automatic half load and a start / stop button.

You can see the wide range of washing machines from Beko here.

Does the 28 minute daily quick programme really work?

Beko Washing Machine

One of the programmes I was most interested in was the daily quick programme. I’m not comfortable with leaving the washing machine on a cycle when I leave the house so when we’re in, I need the washing machine to work for me and my family. Having the washing complete a cycle in just 28 minutes sounds brilliant. In our house, there’s always a white wash (usually Olly’s school polo shirts and bathroom towels), a darks wash and a mixed wash so being able to get one load of these done in an evening after work is ideal.

We found that the 28 minute daily quick programme worked well; our clothes came out clean (all signs of daily life removed) but were actually quite wet. I found that I needed to run the washing machine on a spin and drain programme before putting the clothes into the tumble dryer otherwise they were far too wet to dry effectively. The spin and drain cycle only takes 12 minutes so combining the daily quick programme with the spin and drain programme only took 40 minutes and was very convenient.

Does the 28 minute daily quick programme clean your clothes as well as a longer cycle?

Thankfully, my four year old is a good sport and has been coming home with his school uniform covered in all sorts over the last month (Christmas crafts anyone?) so it’s been good to test out the 28 minute daily quick programme versus the longer 2 hours 13 minutes mixed fabrics programme. We found that the daily quick programme was just as effective at removing school poster paint and glue from his school jumpers and trousers as the longer mixed fabrics programme so that’s a definite winner in my eyes!

Beko Washing Machine

I would use the longer mixed fabrics programme for heavier (weekly) loads and the shorter 28 minute daily quick programme for smaller (daily) loads and have been pleased with how clean the clothes have come out.

Any negative points?

We have found the washing machine to be quite noisy on a daily quick programme and have spent ages trying to adjust the adjustable feet so that the machine is stable on our kitchen floor. I’m not sure if it’s because the load is uneven in the drum but it’s noisy and can move about. However, on longer, heavier cycles the washing machine doesn’t wobble about as much. The noise is a small price to pay given how convenient the washing time is so it hasn’t bothered us too much!

Overall, we are really enjoying the convenience of our new Beko WTG941B1 washing machine and with a new baby due in the next three weeks, I feel it’s going to be worth its weight in gold. The 28 minute cycle has been brilliant when washing daily loads of dirty school uniform and my very limited maternity essentials!

The Beko WTG941B1 washing machine is currently priced at £249.99 and is great value for money!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Beko Washing Machine in exchange for this review. All words and images are my own. 

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