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Most people take a lot of photos, but I was stunned to read the other day that some take as many as 1,500 per week. The survey that I was looking at had 50,000+ respondents and was carried out by the Digital Photography School. Naturally, not everyone took that many photos. However, 48% of the survey participants did say that they took between 21 and 250 photos a week. That is still a lot and sadly most of those snaps barely see the light of day. We are all guilty of taking photographs and never looking at them again. This is a real shame because there is actually a lot you can do with them. Here’s some of my favourite ways to use your family snaps at home; My Family Photos Canvas

Turn them into artwork for your home

It is super easy to order canvas prints from the Hello Canvas website. All you need to do is to dig out your best snaps and upload them. Then you choose a frame type (or opt for frameless), select the size and pay for your prints. Within about a week you will receive your pictures and all you have to do is to hang them up.

Load a few onto a digital photo frame

Even easier is copying some across to an SD card and popping it into a digital photo frame. These gadgets are still widely available and are surprisingly cheap. You can also take your best snaps and use them as screensavers for your digital devices.

Create stunning blinds for your home

It is even possible to use some of them to create unique window coverings for your home. Making a photo blind is far easier than you think. The best approach is to use a Roman blind that you already own and have a photo transfer produced by a local print firm that matches its dimensions. Then all you have to do is to stick the transfer to the blind and re-hang it. These blinds are great for bedrooms and offices. They really block the light out and you can potentially use any photo, so you can really have fun with this idea.

Create unique soft furnishings

You can use a similar technique to create unusual soft furnishings for your home. It is relatively easy to buy paper that allows you to create iron-on transfers, which you can then apply to virtually any fabric. This means you can potentially create bedding, cushion covers, tablecloths and throws using this method.

Canvas Family Photos

The good thing about this approach is that you are not limited to creating bedding that features pictures of your cat. You can take any image, print it out as iron-on transfers and stick it to any fabric. So, if you have seen just the right shade of paisley you want for your cushions all you need to do is to take a few shots of it. When you get home you can manipulate the photos and print out as many transfers as you need. This article explains, in detail, how to work with photos and iron on transfers to bring your soft furnishing ideas to life.

How have you used your family photographs around your home?

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