Mum-to-be Christmas Gift Guide – Practical Gifts

Practical gifts for Mums to be 2017

Buying gifts for a Mum-to-be doesn’t have to be stressful this year. There’s a fantastic range of practical gifts that would make a really useful gift for a new Mum-to-be as she becomes a new parent. Here’s my round up of the best practical gifts for a Mum-to-be on the market this year. 

Practical gifts for Mums to be 2017

Sonic Chic ToothbrushWhen you’re pregnant, staying on top of your dental care is essential as it’s common for your teeth and gums to suffer. The Sonic Chic Deluxe toothbrush is a fantastic gift idea for a Mum-to-be as does all the hard work for them. With it’s precision head and quadrant timer, the Sonic Chic Deluxe toothbrush* cleans in all the hard to reach places. The toothbrush is rechargeable via a USB cable which is included and the rose gold finish is a wonderfully stylish product to pop in the hospital bags head of baby’s arrival. RRP £15.00


Personalised Wash bag Getting the hospital bag ready for baby’s arrival will be something that a Mum-to-be will be doing in the next few months and this personalised wash bag from Bags of Love is a fantastic gift idea. You could personalise the wash bag with her favourite treasured photographs on either the front or both sides of the wash bag and is available in genuine Italian leather or patent vinyl with a choice of 4 coloured trims. Ideal to hold all the toiletries needed when travelling, the inner lining is waterproof and is super easy to clean. I love these washbags, they make something so boring, such a unique and treasured keepsake. RRP £44.00


Tiddlers and Nippers Tracker Journal When a new baby is born there’s often so much to remember but when you’re sleep deprived with other things on your mind, remembering the finer details of feeding schedules, sleeping patterns and post-natal appointments can be a bit of a blur. Thankfully this ingenious tracker from Tiddlers and Nippers can really help. The Tiddler Tracker takes away the pressure of remembering all these details and the new parents can make regular notes of feeding schedules and sleeping patterns to create a unique record of a little ones early days. The tracker can also help identify patterns and create routines which is ideal for the new parents. The tracker can be used up until six months old and then the weaning tracker would be an ideal replacement. Such a wonderful gift idea for a new mum-to-be. Retails from £18.00.


Carriwell bras

Buying maternity lingerie for a Mum-to-be has be done with caution and I would only recommend buying maternity bras for a Mum-to-be if you know her very well (obviously buying a bra for a friend may be a little weird!). The Carriwell range of maternity wear is fantastic and ideal for Mums-to-be. The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra is comfortable and soft, ideal for a new mums needs as her body shapes changes throughout her pregnancy. The Carriwell Gelwire Nursing Bra is a brilliant bra for new mums who are breastfeeding as it’s accessible, provides healthy comfortable support and is recommended by lactation consultants. Bras retail from £32.50 and is available to buy from JoJoMamanBebe.



Lansinoh As a Mum-to-bes due date approaches, their thoughts may turn to how they are going to feed their newborn. Many Mums-to-be decide to breastfeed and with help from the experts Lansinoh, there’s a fantastic range of products out there that can help them on their breastfeeding journey. My top picks include Lansinoh’s manual breast pump as it’s said to be easy to use which provides a discreet and convenient way of expressing on the move and their Thera°Pearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy packs which can be used either hot or cold to give advanced relief for a number of conditions associated with breastfeeding. RRP £22.98 and is available to buy from selected retailers including Amazon*

Mama and Belle Teething Necklace


Teething jewellery is a wonderful gift idea for a new Mum-to-be. This Ava Copper Spruce Teething Necklace from Mama and Belle is highly stylish and super practical for when a little one becomes to teeth. Combining the top trending colours from London and New York’s Fashion Week, this teething necklace features 7 hexagon silicone beads which are individually knotted and features a breakaway clasp for additional safety. Take a look at the fantastic range of teething jewellery from Mama and Belle, there really is a wonderful selection of pieces ideal for Mum and baby. The teething necklace retails from £16.95.


Aroma Blossom Diffuser Mums-to-be need time to relax and one way of helping them to achieve this is by creating a calming mood or reviving atmosphere. The Aroma-Blossom Diffuser can help mums feel relaxed with its revolutionary way to fragrance their surroundings. It’s also an ideal way of helping little ones breathe when they’re suffering with a cold (with the Breatheasy Essential Oil blend) or sleep easier (with the Goodnight Essential Oil) and is perfectly safe to use with little ones around as there’s no naked flames and requires no heat source. The perfect gift to help a Mum-to-be to relax this Christmas. RRP £36.00

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Disclosure: This gift guide contains gifted products and products that I genuinely believe Mums-to-be would love this Christmas. This post contains affiliate links marked with an asterisk* 

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  • Reply Boo Roo and Tigger Too 15/11/2017 at 5:36 pm

    Teething jewellery is such a great idea, a beautiful gift and practical too

  • Reply thegermanwife 15/11/2017 at 9:27 pm

    Oh I love the look of the washbag I am not expecting but thats something I would put on my gift list too! And i had that nursing bra it was the best one i owned comfort wise! The toothbrush is a great idea too! Thanks for joining in with our #GiftGuideLinkUp

  • Reply Janine 15/11/2017 at 9:53 pm

    Dental care is definitely very important in pregnancy. I would be lost without my electric tooth brush. I am trying to encourage my own kids to get one soon, too. They are just so much better. Thanks for linking up to the #GiftGuideLinkUp

  • Reply Michelle Twin Mum 15/11/2017 at 11:19 pm

    I love the personalised wash bag. I’ve a holdall from Bags of Love and it is lasting so well. Mich x

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