Living room updates you can do in a long weekend

Living room

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Is your living room in need of an update? While an entire living room transformation may be a bit ambitious for an average weekend (ok, perhaps a Bank Holiday), there are lots of smaller decorating projects that really can be completed in a weekend. If you love decorating your home as much as I do, I’m sure that you’re always gathering new ideas for your home, whether its keeping beautiful ideas from favourites magazines or pinning images you love on to a mood board. Here you’ll find some quick and easy tips to help update your living room. 

Living room


Everyone dreams of a beautiful new floor (check out solid wood flooring at discount flooring depot if you’re looking for a big project) but that’s not always achievable in a weekend, so why not consider brightening up your living room floor with a brand new rug?  Positioned perfectly and a stunning centre piece as well, a new rug will uplift your mood as well as the room!


Bored of your lighting choices? Instead of traditional table or floor lamps, hang a pendant light above your side tables for an updated look. Or why not purchase some LED lights? Pretty string lights wound around a curtain rail or placed along a mantlepiece will give your living room a new depth of warmth and maybe help to add a little romance when the kids have gone to bed!

Create a stylish area

Create a stylish bookshelf by choosing items that work together and create balance. Pick two or three colours, and then space the hues throughout the shelves evenly, but not symmetrically. Add stacks of books to stagger the height of your accessories throughout the shelf.

Mix and match your colours

Inject playfulness into your living room with pillows. The key to combining a variety of fabrics is finding prints in similar colours, like navy, light blue and white options; take your favourite colours and play around with them. Just because you love fuchsia pink, doesn’t mean you can’t introduce it into your living room!

living room

Add some oversized artwork

Got lots of empty walls? Hang a large piece of artwork! Not only does it create a focal point for the room, but it can inject colour and add depth to the room!

Create a gallery

Like lots of families – you probably have plenty of photographs around! Why not gather them together and place them in individual frames? Hang them on a large clear wall and play around with the positioning of them. A stunning gallery wall is a great focal point and your photographs will no longer be hidden away in albums!

But this doesn’t restrict you to just photographs. If you’re an avid art collector, or just have a few favourite pieces that have ended up in the loft; dig them out and hang them up. Or you could always frame your children’s artwork and put them on display for everyone to enjoy!

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