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I can’t quite remember the last time I did a ‘life lately’ update. It’s been pretty full on here since Olly has started full time in Reception at school and I guess it’s only going to get busier with our little bundle on the way in early January. We’ve been trying to adjust to a new routine at home making sure we spend time with Olly where we can, preparing our home for a new family member and getting as organised as we can.

Many of you will know I work in HR in a school throughout the week and I’m currently working four days with part-time hours to be able to do the school run with Olly first thing and pick him up two out of the four days I’m at work. It’s a mad rush getting from my work to his school on time but so far I’ve managed to be there before the gate opens. I am so glad I can take him to school and pick him up when I can, that’s one of the things I really wanted to do as a working mum, I wanted to be able to be there for him as much as I could. I wanted to meet his Teachers and see his friends that he often talks about. I wanted to meet the other school Mums and Dads and get to know them. Thankfully, I’ve been able to do that and although it’s busy, hectic and the week seems to fly by, it’s definitely worth it.

Fridays are my day at home. A chance to catch up with the housework, run errands, pick up parcels that I’ve missed throughout the week and a chance to sit down and catch up on all the blog work. I really did wonder what I would do with six whole hours throughout the day when Olly was in school but the hours just disappear.

I’ve been building this blog up over the last few years to help pay my way at home and I’m so grateful that brands have believed in me enough to want to work with me. Additionally, I’m so grateful to everyone who has read my blog, shared in our adventures and followed me on social media. Each and everyone of you allows me to stay at home working around being the best Mum I can be to my little family. The hours writing my blog are often late at night and as much as I can squeeze in on a Friday and it is hard work but I do love it. I love the opportunities blogging has given me over the years, although blogging and the community has changed I still love it and will continue to write this lovely little blog even if it’s just my Mom (hello Mom!) and a couple of loyal friends reading it.

In just a couple of months, I’ll be taking annual leave from my HR job before starting my maternity leave after Christmas. I can’t wait to not have to worry about getting up and going to work. Of course I’ll be  getting up to get Olly ready and walking him round to school but then the days will be mine. I cannot wait to have a few weeks of calm before Christmas and before baby boy is due to join us. I’m hoping to catch up on sleep, write up recipe posts I’ve had half written up and get my bake on in the kitchen. I really miss spending time cooking and baking. Who know’s what I’ll actually get up too but I have plans!

I’m 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow (Saturday) with just 14 weeks left to go. I’ve been getting bits and pieces organised for our new baby boy and I think apart from a few things left to buy, we’re not that far away from having everything we need. I’m starting to get my hospital bags ready, I’ve bought him some new clothes and his big brothers hand me downs are ready for washing. Over the next few weeks, I’ve got more hospital appointments and tests lined up (all pretty routine for consultant led care) and I’m looking forward to seeing baby boy on screen again when we have a scan in a couple of weeks to check his growth. I’m still weighing up my options for the VBAC but feel pretty certain with what we have decided so far.

I’ve been suffering with tiredness and ridiculous toothache. I need to have one of my wisdom teeth out as I broke it back in the summer but my dentist won’t take it out until I’m in my third trimester. Apparently the anaesthetic isn’t ideal in pregnancy so I’ve got to wait until November until the nasty tooth can be got rid of. I’ve been to the dentist more times than I care to remember in the last two months and I’m pretty good terms with the lovely receptionist now. Thankfully, they’ve been able to prescribe me antibiotics and they’ve helped me quite a lot.

Unfortunately I’ve had to give up helping on the social team at my Slimming World group as the group is late on a Tuesday and after a really full on day at work, the last thing I want to do is be out of the house until 9pm on an empty stomach. Gaining weight in pregnancy is inevitable and I was feeling really disheartened paying to attend group each week and seeing the numbers rise. I’ll definitely be back in the new year once baby boy is born as I have far too many clothes that I need to get back into and I actually loved seeing the results that following SW gave me.

So between schooldays, weekend plans with family, catching up with friends and getting the home ready for baby boy life is good!

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  • Reply plutoniumsox 08/10/2017 at 11:09 am

    Oh gosh Emma, you poor thing with your tooth. I do hope they sort it asap and I’m glad things are good otherwise.

  • Reply traceycwilliams 14/10/2017 at 10:20 pm

    Lovely read Emma, well apart from your tooth. Sounds as if you have been through the mill with it. Your pregnancy seems to be going really fast x

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