Keeping washing machines in tip top shape with Dr. Beckmann

Dr Beckmann washing machine cleaner

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I often forget that I’m a grown up, someone with responsibilities; a joint-mortgage, a small child and another on the way. Sometimes you’re so busy with everyday life, making sure everyone in the household has food on their plates and clean clothes to wear that you forget to look after the everyday appliances that make your life a little bit easier, like the washing machine that should be cleaned regularly.

Dr Beckmann washing machine cleaner

Our washing machine suffered a malfunction this week and ruined a couple of the boys relatively new football shirts. I am gutted. It genuinely didn’t occur to me that you need to clean a washing machine with a proper machine cleaner and not just bleach. They don’t teach you these things in school. Actual life lessons that will help you out when you’re pretending to be a grown up. Thankfully for you, I’ve been introduced to a washing machine cleaner in the form of Dr Beckmann Service-it with Active Carbon and I wish I had known about it earlier.

Dr Beckmann Service-it with Active Carbon is a liquid product you can clean your whole washing machine with. Active carbon is essentially a dirt magnet that targets grim dirt, grime and bacteria in washing machines and helps eliminates nasty odours too.

The washing machine cleaner is really easy to use. You can pop a small amount of the liquid onto a clean cloth and wipe the seal around the door,, soak the detergent drawer in a diluted solution and pop the rest in the detergent drawer and start a main wash cycle.

Dr Beckmann washing machine cleaner

It’s said that not only will the inner surfaces of your washing machine be thoroughly cleaned, it’s the hard to reach places and parts you can’t see like the drum, pipes and seals that get a brilliant clean too.

Regular use of the treatment is said to ensure your washing machine is as clean as possible and will help keep your machine running smoothly and effectively. I really wish I had known about this product earlier as it would have saved the boys football shirts and my white towels.

I’ve used the Dr Beckmann Service-it with Active Carbon product this week and have been really impressed with how well the machine cycle seems to have improved already. I’ll definitely be stocking up on the product in the monthly shop to help keep our washing machine in tip top condition.

You can buy Dr. Beckmann Service-it with Active Carbon from all good supermarkets and is priced at just £2.99. A small price to pay for keeping your washing machine in good working order.

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