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Have you ever thought about changing your career or your job? Do you really love your current job? According to recent research* from German appliance maker Vorwerk, only 13% of UK adults enjoy their jobs with one in 20 (just 6%) seeing no benefits of their job and nearly one in ten (9%) go as far as hating their jobs. It’s really alarming reading. 

Vorwerk job #NoMore9to5

The folk at Vorwerk asked me to take part in their #NoMore9to5 campaign which is raising awareness of how people in the UK really feel about their careers. This is such a fascinating subject for me as I’ve been working in Human Resources since I graduated from university back in 2005 and in all honesty, it’s not the career I thought it would be. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hate it but I’m seriously considering a change after my maternity leave next year but there’s obviously lots of things to consider.

Vorwerk job #NoMore9to5

Many of us (44%) dream of changing careers but with barriers such as being too risky, not knowing where to start and not knowing what else to do, only 20% of us in the UK actually make the move.

Vorwerk job #NoMore9to5

Barriers to change prevent us making the move

The main barrier for myself is leaving a job that pays the bills every month and having the pressure of being able to provide for my family on a freelance writer basis. I know plenty of other people have taken the leap and do work for themselves but it’s just having the leap of faith and being brave enough to believe in myself to do it.

According to the research, whilst money is the universal motivator to change apparently women are 7% more career motivated than men. This is really interesting findings as from my own point of view, I want to change my career for less pressure, a better work life balance and flexible hours to be able to work around my growing family. My husband is quite career driven having recently moved into Higher Education and is now studying towards his Masters at university.

I do wonder if the research took into account whether the females asked were Mothers and the males asked were Fathers. Before I had my children, I was very career motivated but since my Son arrived, my outlook has changed completely and I’m not driven by money, status or my position on the career ladder. I just want to go to work, earn my money and be able to spend good quality time with my family and enjoy their childhoods with them.

Vorwerk job #NoMore9to5

Careers expert and author of ‘How to Get a Job You Love’ John Lees said: “I’d urge anyone unhappy in their job to take some time out and really think about what they would do instead. There are plenty of structured work opportunities that allow you to work for yourself whilst taking on a new career, and with the rise of the portfolio career, now has never been a better time to experiment and find your niche.”

John Lees top tips for changing your career

  • Look at the barriers to change – is it risk, uncertainty, lack of confidence? How can you overcome them to make changes in your career
  • Identity what you enjoy doing the most in your current role and imagine how else you could do them in another role
  • Catalogue your skills, know-how and experience to help match them to new opportunities
  • Investigate alternative ways of working, including self-employment as well as conventional jobs.

They say life is too short to stay in a job you’re unhappy with and I tend to agree. For the majority of us, we go to work to earn the money to be able to pay our way in life (for our homes and cars) and afford nice things (such as holidays, experiences and treats along the way) not to work in a job where we are miserable for the majority of the day, clock watching and desperate to leave by home time. We spend so much time at work, we really should be spending the time there using our skills and abilities to succeed with a positive outlook.

Have you changed your career recently? Did you face any barriers or did you take a leap of faith? I’d love to hear from you.

To find out more about career opportunities with Vorwerk visit Vorwerk provides you with the products and know-how to set up your own business, offering you the chance to be part of the next chapter of this European success story. Allowing you to carve out a full-time career or top-up your income. 

*Research was carried out by OnePoll between 11th-15th August 2017, among a representative sample of 2,000 adults.

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  • Reply nomipalony 01/10/2017 at 7:30 pm

    Totally agree with all this. I really want to be freelance now and my own boss. My job is really getting me down. It’s just getting there isn’t it?!

    • Reply Emma 01/10/2017 at 7:56 pm

      It’s that leap of faith isn’t it? I hope you find a way xx

      • Reply nomipalony 01/10/2017 at 7:57 pm

        Thanks Emma. I’m way off where you are but I hope one day!

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