Easing back ache in pregnancy with Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Being six months pregnant, I’ve accepted that there are a few associated aches and pains that come with the territory. It’s inevitable when you’re growing a baby and your belly is ever expanding that your back might suffer a bit too and that’s okay because I’m sure as other pregnant mums will agree, we’ll readily accept any aches and pains for our growing little bumps.

Deep Freeze

According to research carried out by Deep Freeze in 2013, 98% of expectant mothers will suffer from muscular back pain at some stage during their pregnancy. Thankfully there are ways to help ease the back ache in pregnancy and using Deep Freeze is one of them.

During the working week, I have a predominately sedentary office job where I’m sitting in an uncomfortable office chair for more than six hours a day. Whilst I try and make it as comfortable as possible with the help of a cushion and regular walks around the office, muscular back ache is something I’ve begin to suffer with. I just cannot get comfortable at all. At the end of the day, all I want to do is get home, have a lie down and ease the discomfort and this is where Deep Freeze has helped.

How Deep Freeze can help

I’ve been using a Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch on my back which is fast acting and has really helped. They are easy to use and provide pretty quick results. The patches are adhesive and easy to apply. You just need to open the packet, peel off the clear plastic film and apply to dry skin over your aching back. I tend to lie down with my patch on but they’re so easy to use, you can pop one on during the day for discreet pain relief whilst you’re out and about or busy in work.

Deep Freeze

There’s also Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel which you can apply to the affected area and can be applied 3-4 times daily. The pain relief lasts approximately three hours which is enough for the level of back pain I’ve been getting. Should the pain be a little more unbearable, you can use both the patches and the gel with oral painkillers as they’re drug-free. I think it’s so important to minimise the amount of drugs taken in pregnancy so these products from Deep Freeze are brilliant for that.

With just under three months to go until baby boy is born, I’m hoping my back aches and pains won’t hinder my pregnancy too much but if they do, I know there’s help at hand. It’s also really good to know that the Deep Freeze products are breastfeeding friendly so I can use them next year too. I’d highly recommend Deep Freeze if you’re suffering with back aches and pains during your pregnancy, the relief is too good to miss out on.

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  • Reply Crummy Mummy 08/10/2017 at 12:27 pm

    Reading this with a patch on & preparing to write my own review! Almost 8 months post baby & my back STILL isn’t getting any better – I blame pushing the tank that is our double buggy! The patches do help though…

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