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As regular readers will know, I’ve been making healthier choices for my own diet and that of my family’s over the last couple of years and one of the kitchen cupboard essentials that helps me achieve this is Frylight®. It’s such a versatile product, the unique spray cooking oil is only 1 calorie per spray and with over seven varieties, it’s ideal for home cooking. So when the Frylight® team invited me to visit Food at 52, a cookery school in the heart of London for an afternoon of cooking with them, I couldn’t wait! 


What is Frylight®?

Frylight® is one of the most used products in our kitchen. It’s a a spray cooking oil that can be used for everyday frying and cooking. Frylight® contains at least 30% less calories and fat than oil (using 5 sprays of Frylight® versus just one 15ml tablespoon of oil) is naturally low in saturates and contains no cholesterol. It’s a great option for families wanting to reduce the amount of oil they are consuming in their everyday diets.

Frylight® varieties

Recent research into fat consumption of the UK revealed that the average adult will consume six and a half litres of cooking oil in a year. That’s over 57,500 calories or 320 bags of crisps per year. Isn’t that alarming? The research demonstrated that people are still in the dark about fats and how much they can safely consume. Fat is an essential part of our diets but we only need it in restricted amounts and this is something people are often unsure of as part of a healthy diet.

As a rough guideline, the recommended allowance of fats we should be consuming daily is just 20g for a woman.

Cooking with Frylight®

We were invited into Food at 52 to cook up a delicious three course lunch using the Frylight® product range. As the range is so versatile, it’s a great product for every course from starters through to dessert. I couldn’t wait to get cooking and pick up some tips from Helen Bond, Frylight® expert and Consultant Nutritionist.


Mushroom Bruschetta – a simple starter

Our first course was to make a delicious mushroom bruschetta using the Olive and Garlic Frylight®. Our chef John ran us through the recipe which was quick and easy to make.

Simply spray some bread with the garlic oil (3-5 sprays is plenty) and then toast to your preference. Chop and sauté mushrooms in the olive oil Frylight® adding a little dash of balsamic vinegar and seasoning to taste. Once toasted, place your mushrooms on top and garnish as required.  

Top tip: not everyone knows that it is recommended that you start by spraying the Frylight® into a cold pan, and heat the pan with the Frylight® in it before adding your ingredients.

Frylight® Mushroom Bruschetta

I’ll definitely be making my own garlic bread from now on, it was so delicious and I had no idea how effective it was. There was no grease but plenty of garlic flavour, it was really nice.

Rainbow vegetable and halloumi skewers – a vegetarian main

Our next course was to make vegetable and halloumi skewers which is such a simple but delicious meal for the whole family. We chopped up some beautifully colourful veg; cherry tomatoes, courgette and yellow bell peppers and added them to a bowl.


Our chef John added chilli and herbs to the mix and we combined them all together with sprays of avocado Frylight® and seasoning.

Frylight® Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers


By threading on a pre-soaked kebab stick, we added halloumi and the vegetables and they looked fantastic. We sprayed some olive oil Frylight® onto a baking tray to prevent the skewers from sticking and under the grill they went. Definitely something I’ll cook up again at home. I love halloumi!

Miniature burgers – an alternative main course

Miniature burgers are a great family friendly meal. You can jazz them up or make them as plain as you like, they’re a real family favourite in our house. We mixed together some chopped and sautéd red onion with less than 5% minced beef, a handful of blitzed crackers and an egg to bind the mixture together.

Frylight® burgers

We made small beef patties and placed them in a hot saucepan spritzed with sunflower Frylight®. Turning the beef patties over on each side to ensure they were cooked, they took less than ten minutes to cook through.


Our chef John made a mayonnaise dressing to accompany the burgers and we dressed our burgers with salad and toppings.

Summer crepes – a delicious dessert

I love crepes and watched in awe as John made a deliciously thin crepe in front of us. I picked up a couple of tips on how to perfect the ideal crepe (including pour the batter onto the pan, swirl it around and then return some of the runny mixture back into the bowl, leaving a lip on the side of the crepe to help with turning it over and checking if it’s cooked.) He then invited us to make our own and I was so impressed.

We used the Butter Frylight® which is one of the varieties I haven’t tried before and it was brilliant to use. It gave a really nice buttery aroma to the pan before we placed the crepe mixture in. We added some sautéd summer fruits and a dollop of creme fraiché and voila, our summer crepes were made. They were so good!

Frylight® crepes

I had a really good afternoon with Frylight®. By using a variety of the cooking sprays, we were able to make a delicious but simple three course meal which can be easily replicated at home for the whole family. I’ll certainly be using the different varieties of Frylight® throughout our cooking experiences at home. It’s a healthy way to use oil cutting out unnecessary calories without compromising on taste. Huge thanks to Helen, John and the rest of the Frylight® team for a fantastic and informative afternoon.

There are seven great varieties of Frylight available in supermarkets nationwide and these include; Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive, Butter, Rapeseed, Coconut, Avocado and Garlic oils. RRP £2.20. To find out more about Frylight and how you can use it in your home cooking, head to

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the cookery lesson with Frylight® and compensated for my time.

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  • Reply Island Living 365 17/10/2017 at 9:33 pm

    I love the sound of these. I am very bad at just pouring oil into the pan when I cook so these would be great for me x

  • Reply Becky Freeman 18/10/2017 at 1:34 pm

    Ooh we always use the olive frylight- I feel much more virtuous since switching as I was guilty of using huge amounts of actual oil before! x

  • Reply susankmann 18/10/2017 at 4:12 pm

    I use frylight a lot and these are just fab. I use the chilli one if making flat bread and gently fry to give the flavour x

  • Reply Jade - Raising the Rings 19/10/2017 at 12:02 pm

    Oh yum! These all sound amazing. I’ve only ever tried the normal ones but the flavoured ones sound fab – have added the garlic and chilli ones to my ‘big shop’ shopping list x

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