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Earlier this month I was challenged by the team at Germolene to get outdoors more with Olly and celebrate outdoor play. It’s an unfortunate truth that our 21st century children are spending more and more time on their smartphones, consoles and tablets and our children aren’t getting the same outdoor  play experiences as we did back in our own childhoods.

We were encouraged to ‘swap the technology for the scooter’ and get outdoors more and over the last few weeks, I’ve made more of a conscious effort to get outside and join in with playtime. Although the summer weather has been so hit and miss, we’ve really enjoyed spending evenings after work in the back garden or down the local park.

Olly loves to be outdoors, he loves to play football, playing with his scooter, washing his toy cars in his makeshift car wash and getting everything and himself soaking wet. When I told Olly that we would be spending more time outside, he was excited and I felt guilty for not being outside more often with him.

Our usual evening routine would be that I come home from work and make a start on the dinner whilst Olly gets his toys out. However, we made a subtle change that I would start the dinner just half an hour later and use this time to get outside and play together. This small change, can make such a big difference, so we embraced it and really enjoyed it.

I wrote previously about how Germolene* is my go-to secret Mummy weapon. Germolene has so many uses; preventing infection from cuts and grazes, to soothing minor skin conditions with its antiseptic and anaesthetic properties.  I have very fond memories of playing outside and as a child, me and my Sister had numerous scrapes and accidents but my Mom would always come to the rescue with a bowl of warm water, some cotton wool and a tube of Germolene. The smell still reminds me of my childhood and to this day, it’s in my first aid kit for me to come to Olly’s rescue and let history repeat itself.

*Germolene Antiseptic cream contains phenol and chlorhexidine gluconate. Always read the label.

Olly has loved playing more outdoors and it’s made me realise how little we used to spend outdoors of an evening. Olly hasn’t missed his tablet much over the last few weeks, only playing on it during long car journeys and random rainy early mornings. We’ve had less tantrums too which can only be a bonus! I’ll definitely be making more time to get outdoors with Olly, it’s been lots of fun.

Disclosure: With thanks to Germolene for working with us, I have been compensated for my time. 

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