Five ways to maximise space in a small family home

make space in small family homes

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Living in a small two bedroomed terraced home with a family is cosy and with another addition on the way in the new year we are looking at ways to maximise space in our family home. We currently have two reception rooms plus the kitchen downstairs with two bedrooms and a big family bathroom upstairs. It works for us but we have to use the space well.

There are plenty of ways to maximise the space available in a small family home. Here’s five ways how to make use of limited space to your advantage.

Declutter regularly

When space is at a premium, you need to be able to make sure the space works for your family. We regularly declutter the home only keeping things we need and use on a regular basis. Clutter makes the house look untidy and this can make the space look smaller. If you declutter on a regular basis by donating, recycling or selling things, you’ll be able to keep on top of it all and decluttering won’t take long at all.

Use fitted furniture

To make the most of the space in any particular room, use fitted furniture instead of big bulky standalone items. Usually fitted alongside one of the longest walls in a room, using up any alcoves or space alongside chimney breasts, fitted furniture can help create much needed space. Perhaps it’s wardrobe space for all those clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery in the bedroom or shelving space for books, DVDs and family bits and pieces in a living or dining room, fitted furniture can really maximise the space (such as high ceilings in older homes) that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to use.

Fitted furniture

Photo credit: Urban Wardrobes

Make multi-functional rooms

When you only have a small space you need to make sure the rooms work for you. A second reception room can work well as a family dining room with a well placed dining table and chairs and a playroom with storage for all the children’s toys, books and games. All the toys can be stored away during mealtimes making it a comfortable dining room. Using a room for many different purposes is a brilliant way of making space and can really help families use their limited space better.

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

Use multi-functional furniture

Not only can rooms be multi-functional but furniture can be too. Using a daybed as everyday seating which can be transformed into a double bed for guests staying over night. Similarly, using tables or furniture with storage underneath is a brilliant way to hide your belongings but be useful at the same time.

Use light well

Small rooms often look smaller if there is bad lightning perhaps due to small windows or poor lighting choices. Create more space in a room by maximising the light coming in from windows, don’t use heavy curtains or blinds and use more than one light to help fill the room with brightness even on a dull day. Painting rooms in light and airy colours can help too to increase the perception of additional room.

How do you maximise space in your home? Would love to hear your tips.

make space in small family homes

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  • Reply Chauntelle 14/10/2017 at 8:11 am

    Great tips! we are a family of 6 in a large 3 bed but the downstairs is lots of little rooms which I need to give some thought to. We’ve tackled our boys room and your right storage and the right furniture makes so much difference. Would love to see some pics and ideas of what you’ve found works for you.

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