Four reasons to use SkyParkSecure this Summer

Airport Car Park

If you’re travelling through an airport this this Summer, you’ll want to consider how you’re getting to the airport with all your luggage, your family’s luggage and if you’re anything like us, the children’s car seats and pushchair come along too. We recently flew to France from Birmingham airport and used the SkyParkSecure service which meant we could drop off our car before we checked in for our flight and it was so easy. Here’s four very good reasons why our family think you should use SkyParkSecure this Summer. 

Airport Car Park

Heathrow Airport // April 2017

Reduce the stress 

Taking the family away on holiday is stressful enough without having to worry about how you’re getting to the airport and figuring out all the logistics. We like to drive into the airport parking area, drop the car off with the parking attendants and let them worry about parking it securely for the week. Similarly on our return, I love knowing that all I need to do to get the car back is to give SkyParkSecure a call once we’ve collected our luggage and our car will be driven to the collection point within 20 minutes or so.


The convenience of using SkyParkSecure is something that we really liked. The drop off location at Birmingham airport is literally a five minute walk from all the terminals and it’s so easy to drive in to the airport parking spaces and meet the attendants. Again, after a tiring flight home the last thing you want to do is have to make a long journey back home via public transport. Having your own car returned to you within minutes of getting through arrivals is brilliant. They say, there’s nothing like your own bed, well this is very much the same with cars too!

Peace of Mind 

Whenever you leave your car parked somewhere for a length of time, you always worry it’s going to be okay. Is it still going to be there when we get back? Will it be damaged or get broken in to? Using a reputable company like SkyParkSecure is great for peace of mind as you know your car is going to be in good hands and will be well looked after whilst you’re on holiday enjoying yourself. Upon arrival at the airport drop off location, your car will be thoroughly checked over and photographs are taken of your cars condition. You’re given a collection receipt to keep hold of and then they simply drive your car away to it’s parking location. Simple!


When weighing up the options of how to get all your luggage and your family to and from the airport, we have always found using a service such as SkyParkSecure to be the most affordable option. Taxis and other public transport isn’t always affordable (and that reliable in all honesty!) so booking with SkyParkSecure before we travelled was a great option for us.

If you’re travelling from the airport this Summer, check out SkyParkSecure for all your airport parking needs.

Disclosure: We used the SkyParkSecure service from Birmingham airport in exchange for this post. All words are my own.

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