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Coming from a family with allergies and having a husband who has sleep apnoea, knowing about the quality of indoor air-pollution is something I’ve not given much thought about but really should. You never really imagine the air that you breathe in, in your own home, to be much more polluted than outside.   Considering we spent up to 90% of our time in our homes, it’s alarming to think that the air we breathe inside is more dangerous to us than being outside. Blueair recently got in touch and asked us if we wanted to test one of their air purifiers and as it is prime time for Shilts to suffer with his allergies (damn hayfever) we thought it would be great to give it a go.


According to the World Health Association (WHO), air pollution is the single biggest environmental risk to human health causing 7 million premature deaths each year and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart disease and cancer, how shocking is that! You may not recognise it but air pollution is much more than just smoking, it presents itself in everyday activities such as cooking, using candles, open fires and the use of cleaning products. Air purifiers remain the most efficient way to remove these airborne pollutants and helps individuals breathe healthier and Blueair is committed to raise the quality of life for people everywhere by delivering clean air for everyone.


We were sent the Blueair Sense+ and the Blueair Aware to try out and we’ve had the air purifier on in our bedroom over the last month. Without getting too technical, the Sense+ is a very clever machine that uses HEPASilent+ Technology to capture 99.97% of all airborne particles. It has a revolutionary combination of an advanced filter media and a  particle-charging chamber which sucks in the polluted air, filters it, ironizes the air then throws it back out through another filter as clean, fresh breathable air. The Sense+ has integrated wifi which means the clever machine can tell you in real time how clean the air you’re breathing in is.

Testing our air quality with Blueair Aware

The Blueair Aware is an indoor air quality monitor and it connects really simply to the Sense+ to give you real time data on what the air quality is like in your room. You can download the Blueair Friend app onto your smart phone which connects both the Sense+ and the Aware together and this allows you to control the air purifier from a distance. The Aware detects airborne particles, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide equivalents, temperature and humidity all of which levels can be read from the app.

Blueair Friend

We set the Sense+ and the Aware up in our bedroom next to Shilts’ side of the bed. He also sleeps with a CPAP machine for his sleep apnoea, so we thought he would benefit mostly from breathing in pure clean air.

The difference is incredible

Over the last couple of weeks, we have felt a real difference in the air we breathe in, in our bedroom. We have seen the air purifier in action as different activities go on as normal in our home; the air purifier detected a higher reading of volatile organic compounds shortly after it had rained outside (we have our bedroom window slightly open) and it reacted when we sprayed deodorant in the bathroom (a room at least 6 metres away from our bedroom.) Seeing the air purifier in action is hugely satisfying and we love knowing that the air we are breathing in has been purified.


The Sense+ is really quiet and it doesn’t really bother us at all when we’re sleeping. We have set the Sense+ to work in night mode with a low fan speed and low LED intensity and at 7am each morning, it activates and increases the fan speed if needed. Shilts has seen a big reduction in his hay fever symptoms, his nose has been less stuffy, he’s been able to sleep better and for longer which he attributes to the clean air quality in our room.

Disclosure: With thanks to Blueair for sending us the air purifier, we are all enjoying clean breathable air. All words and images are my own. 

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