Do you know your Soapland Security?


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Do you watch the soaps? From Albert Square, to the cobbles of Weatherfield, over 33.9 million viewers tune in every week. But what keeps us watching? The drama of a burglary, the shock of an arson attack, living in soapland appears to be a very risky business.

Security experts ADT have joined forces with superfans of seven of the most popular soaps to analyse the incidents to create the ‘Soapland Security League’.

Soapland Security Stats

Research reveals that the most dangerous place to live or work is in fact Albert Square which is 10 times more dangerous than Ambridge (home of The Archers).

Unsurprisingly the most dangerous building across all the soaps, is The Queen Vic in Eastenders which has seen two fires and nine-breaks ins over the last 10 years.

The second most dangerous place to live is in affluent Chester, home to soap Hollyoaks. Without counting the numerous murders in the city, there’s been 5.1 fires and break-in’s a year here.


However when compared to real-life regions, soaps aren’t as risky as they appear to be. The research compared the soaps with their real-life local areas and the number of fires and break-ins over the past ten years*, only EastEnders and Hollyoaks came out as being riskier places to live. Albert Square had nearly three times as many fires or break-ins per year than Greater London and Hollyoaks had nearly twice as many as Chester and its surrounding areas.

The most realistic soap came out as Emmerdale, with it’s village and real-life area of West Yorkshire both seeing an average of 4.5 incidents per year per 100 people.

Working with the soap superfans, ADT have identified the break-ins and fires in soapland as well as the biggest security risks in properties and have come up with seven tips to prevent the gripping drama happening in your very own home.

Seven tips for preventing ‘Duff Duff’ moments in your home

  • Can you recall who has a set of keys to your home? Make sure to only give your house keys to trusted friends, family or neighbours – not every Dot, Nick and Charlie.
  • If you’re looking to make your home more secure, invest in a new smart monitored alarm system. The Peacock in The Archers might work for The Bull pub but isn’t as reliable as an ADT bell box.
  • Give your smoke alarms a weekly test. Unfortunately for Kerry in 2013, she didn’t do this before she drunkenly set fire to Dale View before falling asleep.
  • Remember to lock all your doors and windows. It’s a lesson the Fowlers learned the hard way with the Beale-Fowlers residence often getting broken into.
  • Mark belongings with a security pen. Dai from Pool y Cym could have saved himself time and money if he had done this simple security technique.
  • Minimise the damage and impact of floods on your property by installing a flood detection system. Unfortunately, Christine Barford in The Archers didn’t invest in such technology.
  • Check your local crime figures with ADT’s Crime In My Area online tool. find out how at risk you are from burglaries and break-in’s although we’re not sure anyone would want to move to Hollyoaks after using it!

Don’t fall fowl(er) to the drama of soapland security in your own home, stay alert and stay safe.  

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