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May 2017

    The Me and Mine Project {May 2017}

    Me and Mine May

    May has been another busy month for us. We’ve had weekends away (three in fact; Penkridge, Manchester and Warwickshire) and although it’s been busy we’ve been able to spend some time together which has been lovely. There’s been days out to spot the Gruffalo, a charity football match, a visit to Chester Zoo to watch the Chimpanzees and an afternoon with Mister Maker. Continue Reading

  • Five things to do when your child gets Chickenpox

    *A collaborative post  I remember getting chickenpox as a child. I was covered in spots and it was miserable. I’ve still got the everlasting scars etched on my face and upper body where the itch…

  • #SlimmingSunday (Week 13 – 2017)

    Welcome back to #SlimmingSunday, the new weightloss, fitness and healthy lifestyle linky with me, MrsShilts and Michelle from Mummy From The Heart. My lovely co-host Michelle is away on holiday so it’s just me with…

  • Are UK households saving enough for a rainy day?

    *A collaborative post How much do you save each month? £50? £100? A recent report has discovered that UK low income families have just £95 in their savings to fall back on, should the…

  • Staying local at The Littleton Arms, Penkridge

    A couple of weekends ago we were invited to stay at The Littleton Arms in Penkridge for a weekend of good food and local exploration. Penkridge is only a short drive up the motorway…

  • Making the most of every single day #SpendItWell

    *A post in collaboration with Marks and Spencer Every morning at 6:30am, my alarm goes off and I hit snooze. Probably once or twice if I’m honest before I haul myself out of bed…

  • How to sleep better during allergy season

    *A collaborative post  Allergy sufferers can really struggle to sleep and, if your sleep is continuously disrupted, your overall health can be affected. Here you can learn how to sleep better during allergy season by…

  • Planning our French getaway

    In just under 3 weeks we’ll be flying off to France to enjoy a week in the sunshine (hopefully!) We’ll be staying with Canvas Holidays who have invited us to spend the week at…