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Do you struggle to get exercise in during the working week? Like many, I really struggle with being active having a desk job. The furthest I walk during a typical working week is the quick ten minute walk to school first thing in the morning and then the short stroll from the car park into the office and with an office printer just a few steps away from my desk, the opportunity to be more active in work is very limited.

Walking Lunch

Next month is National Walking Month and Westfield Health will be launching it’s Walking Lunch campaign to encourage people just like me to get more active during their day by taking a more active lunch break. Did you know that just 20 minutes of walking every day can significantly help improve your physical wellbeing and mental health?

Westfield Health is partnering with the UK’s walking charity Living Streets to encourage people to get up from their desks and explore their local cities. There’s often so much hidden history in our cities that unless we explore and look for it, we’ll never know it’s there.

Walking Lunches

For this years Walking Lunch campaign, Living Streets are sponsoring the Crumbs City Trail app (it’s free to download) which has 23 fascinating walking tours across the UK. All the trails include at least 20 minutes of walking and encourage participants to answer questions based on their surroundings along the way.

Birmingham Canals Crumbs City Trail

I work just outside Birmingham City Centre so last week, I headed into the city to try out one of the trails. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and then used the trail to navigate around the canals of Birmingham.

Walking Lunch

The Crumbs City trail app tells participants where their starting point is, what sights you’ll see along the way and offers statistics (time, distance, steps and calories) too.

I began my trail at Birmingham City Library and then made my way down towards the canal and along the tow paths into the city. The trail took me up past Gas Street Basin, the International Conference Centre, the National Indoor Arena (opposite the Birmingham SeaLife Centre) under Broad Street and up to The Mailbox.

Walking Lunch

I didn’t realise how much history the Birmingham canals have seen. All the industries that have been built there relied on the waterways and at one time, these canals were part of the main transport infrastructure. It was a fascinating walk and I’m hoping to take the Jewellery Quarter trail in the next few weeks too.

Walking Lunch

How to get involved in the #WalkingLunch campaign

To get involved in the Walking Lunch campaign (check out the hashtag #WalkingLunch over on Twitter and Instagram) register as a team or sign up as an individual. From the 1st May, you’ll be able to log your steps using the online portal. Don’t forget to download the Crumbs trail app for walk inspiration. You’ll be able to track your progress throughout the month and there’s some brilliant health related prizes for those participants who are the most active. Winners will be announced in early June.

You can find out more about the Walking Lunch campaign by visiting the Westfield Health portal here.

I’m hoping to get at least 5,000 steps in a day during the month of May as I’ve ashamedly realised I only do about 2,500 throughout the whole day when I’m at work and I need to move more. I’ll be signing up for a #WalkingLunch, will you?

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 26/04/2017 at 2:44 pm

    Ah this brings back memories, I used to walk from town to the JQ along the canal for lunch quite often when I worked in Birmingham. There was a great baked potato van on one of the squares in the JQ. The lady always put loads of cheese on before the beans so it was melted when you ate it. #winning! Love the walking initiative too, I’m not managing to run this week as my hubby is away so I’m walking instead with the girls and the dogs. It’s a great way to keep moving.

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