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Welcome back to #SlimmingSunday, the new weightloss, fitness and healthy lifestyle linky with me, MrsShilts and Michelle from Mummy From The Heart.

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Michelle is taking a break this week as she’s on her holidays so it’s just me hosting this week. Please do link up below and visit some of the other brilliant bloggers that have been linking up too.

This week at weigh in I lost the 1.5lb that I had gained last week which I was pleased about. I’m not so keen on all the yo-yoing that I’m doing to be honest and really do need to change the routine so that I’m making the most of the light mornings and lighter evenings to get some exercise in. I’m definitely going to download the C25k app again and make a start on doing that. I would love to be able to run 5k. Some of my incredible Insta girls are running the London Marathon at the end of the month and that’s just an insane amount of mileage to run. 5k is a walk in the park to them so I really do need to step it up.

Easter treats

How do you get around dealing with all the chocolate that’s around this time of year? I’ll admit it, if it’s in the house I’ll probably eat it. My defence mechanism is to not have it in the house. If I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it. Luckily, my four year old isn’t a huge chocolate fan (we still have Christmas chocolates in the house and Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s above the cupboards in the kitchen.. out of sight, out of mind!) so we have bought him a car-related gift instead. I’ll buy my nephew one of the way to see him so it’s not in the house and then it won’t be staring at me!

Did you know a large Cadbury Easter Egg is around 74 syns? That’s based on an egg weighing 280g. That’s insane! Just under 5 days worth of syns in one chocolate egg, just madness really as it doesn’t look that much when it’s all broken up in front of you. My best advice (I really should listen to my own advice) is to buy the smaller packets of pre-portioned chocolates and then have a treat in moderation. I love the Cadbury mini eggs, especially the ones with Daim in them, delicious! They’re 3 syns each and worth every syn going.

easter chocolate syns

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  • Reply Sadie 10/04/2017 at 9:04 pm

    Wow, it’s always quite shocking when you see the Syns in some (all!) treats!

    Well done on the loss this week, and with taking up the c25k – I’m looking forward to doing that again after the baby is born. I’ve never used an app for it, so I’d be curious as to how you get on!

  • Reply Michelle Twin Mum 10/04/2017 at 11:00 pm

    Wow the syns in those chocs are immense, aren’t they? I think I’ll just stick to the treats I know and love. Well doen on knocking tht 1.5lb off. Mich x

  • Reply Mum Reinvented 11/04/2017 at 8:34 pm

    Well done on losing 1.5lb this week! I coaxed myself onto the scales on sunday and was suprised to see I hadn’t gained, but still havent got back into my diet this week – infact there’s been banana cake and chocolate, oops! I try not to have Easter Eggs in the house until the last minute now or I end up eating them, then having to replace them. I’ve suprised myself by not eating any of the 6 eggs we’ve got lined up in the lounge for the kids! Good luck for next week ;-)

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