Planning our Easter holiday road trips


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To make the most of our time off over the Easter holidays this year, we’re planning a couple of mini road trips. Living in the West Midlands we’re pretty central to all the major road networks which makes it much easier when we want to set off on adventure in our car for a weekend away.

Lexus RX

We love the independence of being able to hop in the car and off on our travels but as parents we know that travelling lightly is a thing of the past. I’ve always got a list of some sort going on with ‘do not forget‘ written all over it but there’s always some essentials that always make it into the car without needing to be written down. I’m pretty sure every family with young children has the same.

Here’s what’s on our essentials list;

  • Baby wipes – they help to mop up spills, wipe sticky fingers and faces, clean dashboards and are brilliant for a quick refresh after a long drive.
  • Bottle of water – it’s essential to stay hydrated when you’re in the car on a long car journey, it will help you stay alert and less likely to be distracted. It’s also useful to keep a bottle of water in the car for emergency windscreen wash downs, dirty hands (where the above baby wipes are not enough) and you can always keep the bottle for desperate times if you ever get caught short!
  • Snacks – no road trip is complete without a goody bag full of snacks. I like to stock up the goody bag with nibbles, crisps and easy to eat fruits such as blueberries, grapes or apple slices. You can guarantee that little tummy’s will say they’re hungry just as you’ve left the house so avoid the costs of the motorway service stations and take your own car journey snacks.
  • Essential car paperwork – Keeping details of your multi car insurance and car breakdown cover are always a good idea. You would always hope that you’d never need them but what happens when the unthinkable happens. Having them to hand (print them off and lock them in the glove box) means they’re to hand should you ever need them and it saves all the hassle of trying to remember the important details when you might be in shock or injured.
  • A couple of empty carrier bags – very useful for a portable ‘on the go’ rubbish bag or an emergency sick bag if required
  • Notebook and pen – when we’re on long car journey’s, there’s always that lull period (as a passenger) where the little ones have finally fallen asleep and your mind is ticking with ideas and plans making the most of the peace and quiet. Having a notebook to hand is useful for notes, games and relieving boredom in the car.

Toyota C-HR

Over the last few years, we’ve learnt from our own mistakes as what not to forget on our road trips especially when we’ve got a car to review such as the Lexus RX or the Toyota C-HR recently. With our overnight bags always packed away in the boot, we keep our essentials in the car easily accessible to hand, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in standstill traffic on the motorway and you hear the words ‘Mummy I feel sick!‘ or ‘Mummy I need a poo‘ from the backseat. I have been known to jump in the back and await such an incident (with the passenger door window fully down) luckily, my worst fears have not materialised… yet!

We’re off down the M5 to the Cotswolds this Easter followed by a trip down south to Windsor so we’re hoping the traffic will be kind to us and will let us get on our way without disruption. If all else fails, I’ve got my Olly Murs album in the car to help pass the time. I can see my husband already rolling his eyes!

What would you keep as essentials in your car? Have I missed anything?

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 12/04/2017 at 8:22 am

    Ooh fab tips! We love a road trip too and have a couple planned for the holidays. Great tip about taking snacks, we always end up buying them on the way which is expensive. I should just grab some from the supermarket before we go.

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