5 ways to stop living for the weekend


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Do you live for the weekend? I know I do and I’m really guilty of wishing precious time away. Ploughing through the week with work, school and all the other usual life routines and before I know it, the week has gone and the weekend has arrived. In some circumstances, this can be a good thing but when you realise just how much of the week you’ve really wasted, is a little bit alarming.

living for the weekend

Here’s 5 ways I’m going to stop living for the weekend and make all the days in the middle count.

Have dinner together

Whether you go out to a restaurant for a night off or cook up a nice meal for the whole family, eating together is a great way to strengthen communications and build relationships. We always try to eat together as a family at least three times a week and it’s one of my favourite times of the day; a chance for the whole family to gather around the table together catching up on the news from the day and talking about plans for the rest of the week.

Switch off more

We live in a digital age so it’s no denying we are spending more time than ever on our phones and tablets. Switch off your phone and turn off the television (there’s always a catch up service for your favourite series) and spend an hour or two in conversation. Make plans for the future and take a moment without distraction to re-connect with your loved ones.

Go out out

Instead of waiting until the weekend to go out out with your friends or your other half, get a babysitter and go out. I’ve realised I’ve missed out on so many nights out because I’ve said no to mid-week evenings out. Routine can be so important for children but that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out.  Finding a babysitter through a professional and reliable agency such as sitters means you can relax and enjoy that glass of Prosecco knowing that the little ones are in good hands at home.

Get more sleep

I realise I should take on board more of my own advice but why wait until the weekend to catch up on your sleep. Sleep is so important. It helps you relax, allows our bodies to repair themselves and is good for the mind. Research from the BBC suggests we all need different amounts of sleep depending on what we do throughout our day. There’s no magic number of hours of sleep that you should get but going to bed before midnight has got to be a good thing. Change the sheets, dim the lights and climb into bed, it’s good for you!

Be more positive

Stop thinking the day ahead is going to be rubbish before it’s even started. It’s so easy to get bogged down with to-do lists, chores and appointments during the week but they’re often never as bad as you think they’re going to be once they’re done. Start each day with a positive mind and take a moment throughout the day to think about your accomplishments so far and why they make you happy.

Throughout the year, there’s approximately 104 weekend days with over 261 week days to enjoy. Stop living for the weekend and make those days count.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 21/04/2017 at 1:31 pm

    Yes to going out more, come and meet me at a blogging event some time ;) great post and I do hope you manage to find the balance soon.

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