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My four year old Olly is a huge book fan. We’ve read stories to him ever since he was born and his bedtime routine isn’t complete without a bedtime story. His bedroom is akin to the local library with books on every shelf so when MyFairyTaleBooks got in touch and asked us if we’d like a personalised children’s book for Olly to read, I knew straight away that it would go down well with Olly.


MyFairyTaleBooks produce a wealth of personalised children’s books which can be customised to suit the young reader. There are plenty of different stories to choose from and having spent some time deciding upon a book for Olly on their website, there is so much choice and essentially a book suitable for every child with different interests.


The range of books available to be customised on MyFairyTaleBooks include Disney books, Paw Patrol, Thomas the Tank, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob Square Pants and other familiar character books. There’s also a wide range of Board and Baby books, birthday books and a Christmas story book too.

I chose a Disney Cars book for Olly to review as he is a huge Cars fan and I knew he would love to have a book with his name in alongside some of his favourite Cars characters. The ordering process is fairly quick and simple. You need to answer a few simple questions, choose a preference of book cover and enter some unique identifying details about the child and leave MyFairyTaleBooks to work their magic.


Olly’s book arrived in good time and we took it away with us to the hotel during our weekend away. He was absolutely delighted with it and loved that he could recognise his name throughout the book. He was also pretty happy that he could see other familiar names in the book. It’s so lovely for a child learning to read and write that he can see a story book full of characters he is familiar with and pick their names out over many pages.


The book quality is really good and I was really impressed with how well the book was bound together. It’s a full colour book with 30 pages and plenty of reading material for Olly. It’s certainly keeping him (and us) busy at bedtime as he’s always asking for us to read one more page.



We are delighted with Olly’s book. Olly is loving learning to read and it’s so nice to have a book that can be personalised with his details (his birth month and two best friends are named throughout) that is completely unique to him. The personalised books are priced from £9.95 which I think is a great price for such a quality book custom made with your own children’s details in. These books would make excellent personalised birthday or Christmas gifts or even a fabulous Easter treat too! To find out more about their range and to order your own personalised children’s books visit MyFairyTaleBooks.

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