Meal Planning Monday 6th March 2017


Meal Planning Monday 1x3

This weekend we didn’t write a meal plan as I was away for the weekend with friends but my lovely husband went food shopping (as he always does) and bought our usual groceries; salad, meat, yogurts etc. So this week’s Meal Planning Monday is a bit different as we’re trying to think of meals we can have with the ingredients that we’ve now got in the fridge and any stocks left in the freezer.

My family eat meat and my husband likes to eat a portion of meat with his evening meal most nights. I’m a bit boring when it comes to meat, I like chicken and turkey, sausages, beef and pork mince but that’s about it. I don’t eat any fish really, it’s just not something I enjoy. My husband loves duck, pork and lamb but I am not a fan! I’d prefer to just have beans on toast if duck was on the menu, it doesn’t grab me at all.

Anyway, we are both still following the SW plan and have a huge number of recipe books to look at for inspiration. But with the ingredients we have in the fridge, we think we’re going to have these meals for dinner this week;

Diet Coke Chicken with boiled rice
Pork Yuk Sung in lettuce boats
Chilli Con Carne with boiled rice (or possibly actifry chips!)
SW Chicken Curry with rice
Slow cooked Jacket Potatoes with baked beans for me / tuna and sweetcorn for my husband

Olly, our little boy doesn’t usually eat the same meals as us if they’re spicy. He’s not a spicy foods fan but will happily eat grilled chicken, sausages, pasta, rice and vegetables so he’ll never go hungry. There’s always something in for him that he’ll happily eat.

Lunches this week are homemade soups; broccoli and potato or leek and potato made in the soup maker. It was such a good investment, we use it every week and it’s so quick and easy to use. Other lunches will be leftovers from the night before as we always have plenty for the next day.

Breakfasts will be our usual choice of cereals and I’m loving that you can now have Oat Cheerios as part of your healthy B allowance on SW (you can have 40g for #hexb) but I usually have 20g with a splash of milk and fruit and have a hi-fi bar in the evening.

If you’ve missed it, I have started #SlimmingSunday with Michelle from Mummy From The Heart. It’s a new weightloss and fitness linky which goes live every Sunday at 7am. Would love to see you link up!

Have a great week

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  • Reply Kirsty Hijacked By Twins 12/03/2017 at 1:30 pm

    Well done hun, I have just seen that you were awarded SW Loser of the Year! That is amazing! Your meal plan sounds delicious. I am following the SW plan and the rest simply eat the same as I do as they will eat anything. I love veggie meals but the hubby is a bit meat eater so when I have a veggie meal I just add some meat for him to have on the side. Thank you for joining in with #MealPlanningMonday and I hope to see you here this week xx

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