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Ears. We all have a pair. They enable us to hear the world around us from the first cry of a newborn child to the sounds of a neighbours dog barking in the garden. Our ears enable us to engage and communicate with each other and they help build up the bond between a parent and their baby. We often take our ears for granted but it’s really important to look after them. Earex Ear Care Expert, Dr Henderson has offered some tips to keep the family’s ears healthy.

Earex ear treatments

Keep your ears dry

Otitis Externa, more commonly known as ‘Swimmer’s Ear’, is a typical condition that affects more than 1% of the UK population. It can be caused by water getting into the ear canal, infection and allergic reactions. Other known triggers include excessive ear cleaning and overuse of ear piece headphones. A doctor would normally prescribe anti-inflammatory or anti-biotic eardrops to provide relief of such ear pain.

Turn the volume down

Being over exposed to loud music and machinery can wear out the tiny hair cells of the inner ear that converts sound into nerve signals that go to the brain. The safe noise limit in Europe is 85 decibels which is typically the default limit. It’s important to remember that if someone else can hear your music whilst you’re wearing your headphones then the volume is too loud. If wearing earbuds, take regular breaks and don’t fall asleep wearing them.

Don’t fly with a cold

‘Aeroplane ear’ is the pain often experienced during take off and landing due to the unequal pressure inside the ear in comparison to the atmosphere outside. Aeroplane ear can be minimised by chewing, yawning or swallowing to equalise the pressure inside the Eustachian tube. It’s advised that children are awake when the plane is landing to minimise the effects of the pressure inside their ears. If you do have to fly with a cold, take an oral decongestant before you fly to avoid ear pain from a build up of pressure.

Use eardrops for excessive ear wax

If you have too much ear wax this could cause mild hearing loss known as conductive deafness. Ear wax is vital for ear health as it helps to protect the lining of the ears but sometimes it builds up and can cause issues. Earex Olive Oil Ear Drops are medicinal grade olive oil which helps to gently soften and remove earwax. It’s important to mention that for children under the age of five, parents and guardians should always consult a doctor for a medical diagnosis before using Earex.


Ears can be affected by the weather and allergies

At their peak during the spring and autumn, many people suffer from allergies that affect their ears, nose and throat. It’s often presented as hayfever but with household dust and pet dander can play a part too. The most common symptoms are itching, fullness, difficulty hearing and earaches. The symptoms can be treated with over the counter allergy medicines and an ear spray such as the Earex Pain Relief Ear Spray can help to reduce ear pain and prevent dryness, itching and irritation.


Also, when it’s cold during the winter our ears can cool down very quickly and as there is only a thin layer of skin protecting the nerves in the ear canal, this can cause ear discomfort. Keep your ears warm and healthy by covering them with a hat or earmuffs.

Both my husband and son suffer from excessive ear wax (it’s a Shilton family trait) and have in the past benefited from using ear drops. They’re quick and easy to use and can be administered without discomfort and distress, perfect when little ones are unhappy and in pain.

You can find out more about Earex and their range of treatments for common ear problems here.

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