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As a health-conscious family, we do try and make decisions about our lives that are going to be positive, both in terms of our meals and also our fitness. I have never particularly been one for self-motivating myself when it comes to physical activity, and despite joining the gym at work, I rarely go alone. All of the sport and fitness activities that I enjoy tend to be social with others, and without those interactions, it would be very difficult to stay motivated.

FatKiller Club

So it was with great interest that I discovered the Fatkiller Club website, and found that it was an online community that was geared up to help with that self-motivation and spirit of participation. Fatkiller Club offers participants a subscription based service, much like the cost of joining a gym, but enables you to complete challenges from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for gymophobes, and also parents with young families who are not in a position to make a trip to the gym in an evening.

Fatkiller Club markets itself as a club, and is an online fitness platform that provides users with exercise programmes, nutritional advice and fitness techniques. It also enables you to set small goals for yourself, and also to participate in the online community of members – giving that sense of interaction whilst exercising at home.

The website also has a fairly unique feature of being able to interact as a user with online ’coaches’, almost like having access to a personal trainer via your computer. The website is divided up into seasons of fitness programmes, and each season comprises a series of weeks, each of which guides you through a selection of exercises, tasks, food and dietary advice.

FatKiller Club

Image courtesy of FatKiller Club

The unique selling point of Fatkiller Club is that the website offers users a sense of challenge to keep you motivated through the tough days when you don’t feel like exercising (and we all have those!)

A typical ‘day’ on the Fatkiller Club site consists of a series of exercise challenges, and as well as giving you the exercise instructions, it also tells you the sequence that you should perform those exercises. The remainder of the day’s information gives you tips for things to prepare in the kitchen that day, as well as ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The page also encourages users to post their thoughts on social media and gives hashtags to use to connect you with fellow Fatkillers Club.

The website concept has been put together by a busy working mum, and as such is targeting the audience of working families that do not feel they have the time to commit to a gym membership but still want to maintain a good level of fitness and exercise.

The Fatkiller Club website is an exciting concept, and I certainly am looking forward to giving the challenges a go to see if the programme can complement my weight loss journey.

You can find out more about Fatkiller Club by visiting their website here and you can find them on Facebook here.

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