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At the start of the year we decided to make plans to bring our home into 2017. We have lived in our current home since 2004 and unfortunately we’ve only ever managed to redecorate it once in that time. We have ploughed any spare cash into the essential maintenance of the house over the last ten years with rooms needed re-plastering, the whole house needing re-wiring and we replaced the dated kitchen and just last month, finally completed it with tiles on the walls.

lounge moodboard

The rest of the house is now looking really tired and is in need of some TLC. We could do with redecorating every room in our home but we’ve made plans to tackle one room at a time and then move onto the next. The next project on our list is to get the lounge redecorated. We haven’t painted this room for well over 8 years and we’ve had the same carpet for about the same length of time. It’s a very plain looking room and it’s definitely time to bring a bit of life back into it and put some colour on the walls.

The first job we need to do is to paint the walls, the ceiling, the skirting boards and the door frames. I have fallen in love with a geometric wallpaper with shades of grey, teal, blue and mustard yellow in and have already bought it to cover the chimney breast. It’s a bold move going from beige to having so much colour on the wall but it’s a beautiful print.

I’m planning on using a steel grey paint for the walls with bright white on the ceiling, skirting boards and doors. It’s a stunning colour and will go really well with our current sofa which is a mint green / teal colour.

lounge 2017 swatches

We’re planning on sanding down the mahogany fireplace surround and painting it white. We hope to replace the gas fire too but that’s a job that can wait until we’ve paid for the rest of the room.

We have alcoves in our lounge which are crying out for shelves. We really need to maximise the amount of storage we have in this room as other than the three-piece sofa there’s not much room for anything else.  We hope to put white shelving into the alcoves and use the space for books, photo albums, DVD’s and CD’s as well as picture frames and the odd trinket or two. This will also free up space elsewhere in the house.

One of the biggest problems in the lounge is the lack of decent lighting. We have only got one main light and so the room can get quite dull. We need to maximise the light in the room and have found that floor lamps and table lamps are the best way to do that as well as create a bit of atmosphere to the room. There’s so much choice out there, I’m not really sure which style to go for.

I’ve been getting lots of inspiration for the room from LionsHome, which is an online shopping portal and is a fantastic place to gather more ideas, go online shopping at a variety of online stores and complete the look for your own home.

As well as buying new carpet for the room, we hope to get new wooden blinds up at the window and say goodbye to the nasty nets. Our home is on a busy road that quite a lot of people walk past so we need something up at the window to give us some privacy as well as letting in the light. I have loved wooden blinds for years and cannot wait to get some up at the windows.

There’s quite a bit to do in the lounge to bring life back into the room but I’m so excited to get the project on the way. It’s going to look so good once it’s complete. It is well overdue. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 15/02/2017 at 12:08 am

    This sounds like an exciting project Emma! We’re also in the midst of updating the house at the moment, I could really do with painting the girls’ room tomorrow but I’m not sure if I’ll manage to get around to it.

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