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If you are a family who depend upon digital devices like we do, it is no great surprise when one or more members of that family require a pair of perfect glasses to function. My chosen profession of ICT/Computing Teacher and subsequently University Lecturer in the same subject area means that I naturally depend upon a computer, and of course without Emma’s computer, you wouldn’t be reading this blog piece at all! We own tablets, smart phones, consoles, desktop machines, microcomputers; you name it, we probably have it.

Perfect Glasses duo

So, it is of no real shock that I personally found my eyesight beginning to deteriorate slightly at an early age. I first needed glasses when I was a teen in school, although I vehemently resisted the very idea of them at first. I had designs on becoming an air traffic controller back then, but unfortunately, the long nights spent guiding my beloved Walsall FC to Championship Manager mediocrity, peering in darkness at a brightly lit CRT monitor into the wee small hours put paid to that career choice.


I finally gave in to my eyesight after starting to learn how to drive aged 17, and I have pretty much been a constant glasses wearer ever since. I only really take them off to go to sleep, and along with my phone, wallet and keys, they are one of my life’s essentials. I am a regular VDU user at work, and so it is important to keep my eyes in as good condition as possible.

Emma fares a little differently, and doesn’t quite depend on her glasses like I do. She is more of the ‘wear them for work’ type of person, and tends to leave her glasses in her desk drawer. She is getting better over time, but she will certainly tell you herself that she should wear them more than she does.

I have never had any trouble resisting contact lenses; the sheer thought of putting something that close to my eyeball and leaving it there, after almost 36 years of my life, still makes me shudder. Therefore it has always been important to me to have glasses that I feel comfortable in. I don’t really waver too far from my preferred style; I tend to find glasses that are half rimless suit my face better than full frames, although I have toyed with the idea of a slightly thicker frame in the past. I certainly would never be without prescription sunglasses again either.
Emma likes to wear stylish coloured frames for her reading glasses, but prefers larger, darker frames for sunglasses that contrast nicely with her skin tone. When we were presented with the opportunity to try some eyewear from Perfect Glasses, it was important that we could both find a pair that met our requirements. I was however very impressed with the pricing of the lenses and frames. Whilst I get a lot of use out of glasses personally, I also put them through a lot. For example, I play squash in my glasses, and they do have to be able to withstand that sort of high intensity activity. Designer glasses can sometimes substitute durability for style, and I feel a lot more comfortable wearing my new prescription glasses for the activities which are part of my day to day life.

Perfect Glasses Revolt

The frames that I selected however also tick the style boxes for me. I chose a pair of Revolt men’s black glasses. The smart patterned design on the arms appeals, as do the vibrant colours near the hinges. They are also the half-rimless style that are my personal preference, and the ease of ordering the glasses made them a fine choice. Once I had input my prescription details, the glasses were made to my specification and posted to me a few days later – negating the need for several trips to the opticians. All you need is a recent eye test, which can even be found for free if you choose the right places. Your optician is also obliged to give you a copy of your prescription, so make sure you ask for one if it is not offered!

Revolt Mens Prescription Glasses Perfect Glasses
Emma is also really pleased with her sunglasses, and again, the process for obtaining them was very straightforward. She chose a pair of Miller ladies’ sunglasses, and she found them both comfortable and gave her eyes the protection required from the sun’s UV and brightness.
Miller Sunglasses
Perfect Glasses offer a number of features that make them a good choice for optical needs. As well as a ‘Try On’ facility, which enables customers to upload a selfie to see how glasses may look on themselves digitally, they also offer a no-quibble refund and return policy, whereby bespoke lenses are not refundable but Perfect Glasses will refund 50% of the frame cost (less any optional extras). Also, if you are nervous about getting your prescription right, and don’t want to make a mistake, you can also email Perfect Glasses a copy of your prescription prior to your glasses being made.
Perfect Glasses Duo
I have been wearing my new Revolt glasses now for about a fortnight, and they have quickly become my primary pair of glasses. I am very pleased with the comfort, the look and the durability of them, and given the extremely reasonable pricing point of the frames, I think they represent excellent value for money. Emma is hoping to get more use out of her sunglasses as we approach the spring and summer months.
I recommend Perfect Glasses to anyone who is considering making a leap into the world of online opticians, and I will certainly be making them my first port of call next time I need to upgrade my eyewear.
Disclosure: We were sent the above products in exchange for an honest review.
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    I love the uploading a selfie option! This sounds great, I’ll get my hubby to have a read before he buys his next pair. Your sunnys look fabulous on you Emma.

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