Dressing a four year old


I noticed it just before Christmas but it’s become ever so apparent that my soon to be four year old is growing at a rapid pace. His jeans are nipping at his ankles, his wrists are on show through his long sleeve tops and his t-shirts are more like crop tops. Why do they grow so quickly?

Dressing a four year old

It’s Olly’s fourth birthday in a couple of weeks time and for his birthday this year, when family have asked what they can get him as a gift, I’ve asked for clothes. He definitely doesn’t need any more toys (we are still working our way through his Christmas toys) but is desperate need of a wardrobe overhaul. He needs pretty much everything as even his pants are too small all of a sudden!

What’s on my shopping list

  • Trousers – Olly loves to wear a range of trousers in an afternoon after pre-school and at the weekend. He loves jeans for everyday use, joggers for lazy days in the house and chinos when he’s off out somewhere. We buy trousers from Next or Florence and Fred at Tesco as they’re (usually) a great fit and wash well.
  • T-shirts – With spring just around the corner (here’s hoping) Olly needs a whole new drawer of t-shirts. He hasn’t worn short sleeve t-shirts for a while as he prefers long sleeve styles but he needs a variety of both. Layering up is a great way for pre-schoolers to keep cool (or warm) throughout the seasons. I love t-shirts from the clothing ranges at the supermarket, they’re cheap enough to wear out but smart enough to wear for any occasion.
  • Underwear – I never expected Olly’s recent growth spurt to have affected his underwear but sadly yes, he needs new pants, vests and socks. He’s taken to choosing his own pants and socks for school every morning and he always picks them based on their colour, lets just say he’s not a black socks kind of boy! I’ll probably get his pants and socks from Tesco, as they’re great quality and wash really well.
  • Gilet – I love Gilets. They are so practical. Olly’s been wearing gilet’s since he was a toddler as they are great for keeping his warm outdoors when he doesn’t want a bulky coat on. I’ve spotted this Gilet from Esprit which is really lovely. It’s a gorgeous navy colour with yellow zip detail and yellow lining. We love yellow in our house but now Olly’s getting that little bit older, he’s getting a bit more opinated on the clothes he wants to wear. I know this gilet would go down very well and would be frequently worn in the garden and afternoons out at the park.
  • Pyjamas – Although we bought Olly new Christmas pyjamas, you can’t really wear festive fleecy pyjamas in the spring. Olly gets so hot during the night, he’s always on top of the quilt so getting cotton pyjamas is essential for keeping him cool. We love pyjamas from Next as they’re just so snuggly and really trendy too.
  • Footwear – The last bit of shopping we need to do is get some shoes for Olly. He needs casual footwear as he wears them a lot and his feet have grown again. We need to get trainers and some more wellington boots.

I fear it’s going to be an expensive couple of months as we bag up all his old clothing and store it away in the loft (I still can’t bear to give his clothes away four years on) and replace the contents of his wardrobe. Wish us luck!

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