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February 2017

    We would love a Mark Warner moment #MarkWarnerMum


    You may have heard that Mark Warner are on the lookout for family ambassadors for 2017. As a family that love to travel, be it in the UK or further afield, we thought we should throw our {beach} hat into the {inflatable} ring and put together our top 10 travel must haves so we can search for our very own Mark Warner moment.

    MW mood board mark warner #markwarnermum

    It’s a family collaboration, we all put our heads together and have come up with different ideas about what our travel must haves were. Our list was interesting, ranging from the slightly obvious to the ridiculous. But that’s the best thing about our family, we all have something to contribute and we all like to have our say. We all like different things but we agree that as long as we’re together, we don’t mind a bit of compromise. Fun and happiness counts is a priority on a family holiday.

    Our top 10 travel must haves

    • Family – we travel as a family these days; one Mummy, one Daddy and one four year old pre-schooler. We’re the Shilton family and we come as a package. No holiday is a family holiday without one of the Shilton three.
    • Sunshine – we all love a bit of sunshine. You can’t beat the feeling of the golden sunshine on your shoulders. Everything looks amazing in the sunshine; it makes us smile and we all love spending time outside as our freckles develop on our faces.  We all love wearing sunglasses too (especially Mummy, who might have fallen asleep by the pool with her sunglasses on waiting for the sunshine in Fuerteventura, ooops!)
    • The beach – we are huge beach fans. We live in the West Midlands so we’re landlocked with our nearest beach a 90 minute drive away. We love to feel the warmth of the sand between our toes, we love to build sandcastles, we love to bury Daddy’s feet in the sand and practice our writing skills on the beach. We love to sit and relax and watch the waves lapping up on the shore. We are huge beach fans and we yearn to be by the coast.
    • Activities and Entertainment – Mummy and Daddy do love a day or two relaxing by the pool but since Olly came along, having something to do to keep us all entertained is now a must. Olly loves to take part in the activities at the kids club and make new friends. He’s very shy at first but soon comes out of his shell. Daddy is a serial games player taking on the international competition with pool volleyball, darts and table tennis being his favourite holiday sports. Mummy has recently lost quite a bit of weight and is now loving being more active. The thing with weight loss is it gives you a new confidence you’ve never experienced before. It gives you the drive to take part in new things, to try out new sports and give yourself and your family experiences you never thought possible. I’m already living a more active life and would love to experience the Mark Warner activities for myself.
    • Sense of adventure – we all have a inquisitive sense of adventure to see more of the world. We always want to go that little bit further to see what’s around the corner. Whether it’s an adventure on a train in an unexplored part of the country, renting a car to visit the city sights or taking a speed boat back to the beach after a days sailing, it’s all part of the great big adventure of life and we want to see more.
    • Vitamin Sea – the sea is good for the soul, we know that much already. We love being by the sea to watch the waves, to soak up the sea air and take in the sea breeze. It’s exhilarating and something we crave all year round.
    • Time – as a busy working family, having quality time together is one of the most important things we like to consider when travelling.  We crave time as a family. We want time to relax and we want time to let our hair down and have some fun.
    • Little Ted – an obvious choice for Olly. Little Ted has accompanied Olly pretty much everywhere over the last four years and he’s a very faithful companion. When we’re travelling, Little Ted is Olly’s safety net, something familiar in an unfamiliar world that settles him. He doesn’t cause too much trouble and doesn’t whinge either so Mummy and Daddy are happy for him to tag along.
    • Different foods – not only does Mummy and Daddy enjoy trying out new foods and local cuisines but Olly does too. He’s always happy to try a new pasta dish or a new cheese and loves to try handmade bread. We always like to enjoy something new on our holiday, it helps create memories and when eaten again, can instantly take you back to that first time when you tried it.
    • Books – whether it’s a phrase book, a Mr Men book or a ‘sit-by-the-pool’ fiction book, we love to leaf through the pages and soak up the new information. Mummy is a huge fan of reading a new book on holiday, whether it’s on the plane or by the pool, a chance to relax and get lost in a book for ten minutes. Daddy is a language fan and loves to learn key words and phrases whilst we’re away. He likes to think that the locals appreciate us Brits taking the time to learn their language and immerse ourselves into their culture. Thank goodness for the phrase books! As a four year old pre-schooler Olly is a big fan of reading a book or two. He’s learning to read and loves a bedtime story. He’s already planned what books he’s taking on the plane to keep him busy during the flight!

    We’ve made a little vlog for you to watch with our top 10 travel must haves. I can’t take the credit for it, Olly has loved being in front of the camera and he hopes you enjoy watching his five minutes of fame!

    We would love to become a Mark Warner Family and become your ambassadors. We hope you love our creative homemade mood board and Olly’s vlog (and dance moves!) Thank you for considering us!
    *This is our entry into this years Mark Warner Family Ambassador Scheme*
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