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When was the last time you went on a date? Whether you are single or with someone, going on a date can be fun. It’s been a long time since my husband and I had a ‘date’ but after ten years of marriage, we still enjoy spending time together as rare as it can be.

When it comes to arranging a date with someone, it’s important to make it as magical as possible. Whether it’s your first date with someone new or you are simply trying to do something special for your spouse, it is vital that you get the date right – but this can be so difficult to do when you find that your funds are quite tight. Whilst those luxury dinners and hotel stays call for a little more in the bank account, there are some cheap or even free ways to enjoy a date with your newest flame or significant other. There are some amazing parks and historic properties that you could visit to impress that special someone.

You don’t have to go out though, entertaining in your home can be just as fun and perhaps even more budget friendly. Here are five simple and affordable date ideas for people here in the UK;

Picnic It Up

With just the food and a blanket to think about, picnicking is a perfectly affordable way to spend some time together, enjoying each other’s company. You can spend time reconnecting with your spouse or spend time getting to know someone new. With the rise of online dating UK, keeping safe is super important so a picnic in a heavily populated area is a much better idea than meeting for the first time in a more deserted area. Picnics can be as simple or as fancy as you like. When it comes to the date, you’ll be focusing more on the conversation than the food, after all. Whether you choose to opt for some finger sandwiches or focus more on vol au vent style food, having a full stomach and a head full of conversation will make for a great memorable date.

Have A Movie Night In

Whilst you are unlikely to invite someone over that you barely know for a movie night in your home, this can be a great affordable date idea for those of us who’ve been dating someone for a bit longer. You will already have the movies and the snacks in the house so all you need are the people. Just draw the curtains, turn the lights off, grab the snacks and some drinks and enjoy. A simple but budget friendly date idea. Choosing the perfect movie can be hard though, you have to plan it right. Horror movies can bring you closer together as you cuddle up together through fright or a sad story could have you both reaching for the tissues and seeking comfort in each others arms.

Consider Your Hobbies

Perhaps both of you love a good walk in the countryside or enjoy visiting museums? For a small entrance fee (usually a donation) or even for free, you could venture out together and visit one of the many amazing places the UK has to offer. Perhaps a ramble round a country castle is your type of thing or perhaps checking out some Roman artefacts is more up your street? Choosing a hobby that you share can make for a great day out together and whilst some hobbies can be quite expensive, there are plenty of things that you can do together that aren’t anywhere near as expensive and are much more budget friendly. With most places that are open to the public allowing people in for free or for a small non obligatory donation, you can never complain that there is nothing for you and your date to do in your area.

Take A Trip To The Funfair

What could be more fun and romantic than a trip to the funfair? Staring at the night sky and the twinkling stars on the Ferris Wheel or getting super competitive on the bumper cars, trying to win a massive teddy bear on the ‘Hook A Duck’ stall or scaring yourselves and each other senseless on the ghost train or in the haunted house. All of these can provide hours of cheap, good quality fun and you don’t have to worry about your bank balance taking a massive hit. Funfairs are great for people both young and old as everyone loves to feel young at heart. There are numerous rides and stalls to choose from and plenty to do to ensure you maximize the time spent with your date.

Watch The Sunset Together

If romance is what you are looking for then nothing can beat watching the sunset together. Finding the perfect spot to park up as the night dawns and seeing that beautiful red sky, nothing can beat it. Nature is beautiful and there is something so special about spending time with a special someone, watching as time itself passes by and day turns into night. Many people talk about wanting to watch the sunset together with a special someone and it is easy to see why, it is not only completely free to do but the atmosphere of it all is enjoyable.

There are even more things you can do for free or cheap in the UK when it comes to dates and these are just five quick ideas for you to consider. Just simply opt for the best idea for you and your potential date!

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