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It’s Olly’s fourth birthday in a couple of weeks and we have been looking at getting him his first ever bike as his birthday gift. He’s never had a bike before and now he’s at the stage where he’s exploring his independence a bit more, we thought a bike would be a brilliant gift for him.

Halfords are currently running a fantastic campaign which has led me to reminisce about my own childhood. I fondly remember riding it with my friends. We would go down the local park and climb up the big hill and then ride all the way down the hill. It was brilliant fun and a great way to spend our summer holidays. I often remember going over the Common and my pedal falling off in the middle of a thunderstorm which wasn’t fun at the time but looking back I had the time of my life. Being outside in any weather, being in charge of my own freedom and being in control.

bike Halfords 80s

Back in the 80’s, my Parents bought me a boys mountain bike and I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t as cool as the latest must have Vektar bike (as shown in the image above) but it had a sports bottle holder and I thought it was the bees knees! They have come a long way since the 80’s and have vastly improved.

I know it’s slightly different with Olly very new to learning to ride a bike but being able to pick up your bike and go cycling is such a fantastic thing to do. It’s empowering and gave me such confidence that I’m sure Olly will love it too. Halfords have given me some really useful advice in choosing a child’s first bike, there’s lots more to consider than I first thought. It’s so good to get professional advice on these kind of things. Check out their video for more tips here.

What to consider when buying your child’s first bike

Choose the right size – It’s not one size fits all, choose one dependant on the size of the child but size up if you need to.

Pick a bike with character/style – Your child is more likely to want to spend time on their bike if it’s got something that they love. Consider a themed style or one with a basket for their favourite teddy, if they love it they’ll more than likely not want to get off it.

Do your research – Have a browse at the range available online and pop in store to have a look up at them close up. Check out what features each of them have and check their suitability for your child.

We’re going to take Olly into our local store to have a look at the range of bikes suitable for his height and to see what style of bike he prefers. I can’t wait to teach him how to ride one. Of course, we’ll make sure we get one with stabilisers as he learns to ride it but I’m excited for all our cycling adventures of the future.

When did you get your child their first bike? Did they learn with stabilisers first or straight in without them?

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  • Reply Stevie 29/01/2017 at 11:36 pm

    My boys have had bikes for a lot of years now, but I can’t ride one at all. I just have a complete lack of balance, which I am really pleased that they didn’t inherit! Great tips.

  • Reply Plutonium Sox 04/02/2017 at 11:01 pm

    Oh what a lovely milestone buying the first bike. Libby can ride a bike but realistically her bike is much too heavy for her, we need to get her a lighter one before she gets put off riding it.

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