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January 2017

    The Me and Mine Project {January 2017}


    January has been a rather productive month for us in the Shilton household. We’ve had weekends of down time with very little plans but used the time wisely to crack on with much needed jobs around the house. We’ve welcomed the new school term and despite it not starting very well at all (tears, sickness and stress) it seems to be getting easier for us all, touch wood!  Continue Reading

  • Inside a capsule wardrobe

    *A collaborative post If you’re slimming down like me, you’ll understand the importance of having a capsule wardrobe. A small collection of essential pieces to get you through the months where you don’t really want to spend…

  • Meal Planning Monday 30th January 2017

    It’s the last Monday of January and time for a Meal Planning Monday post. January seemed to be a really long month but we managed to budget well and we had plenty of food…

  • 10 things that made me smile | January 2017

    January can typically be a really rubbish month for a lot of people. The weather isn’t all that great, you’ll have probably had to wait ages for payday after getting paid just before Christmas…

  • A birthday bike to remember with Halfords

    *A collaborative post It’s Olly’s fourth birthday in a couple of weeks and we have been looking at getting him his first ever bike as his birthday gift. He’s never had a bike before…

  • How are you nearly four?

    Dear Olly, I wanted to write you a little note as we approach your birthday. I can’t believe you’re going to be four. I want to tell you how much I love you and…

  • The Top 5 Apps Students Need to Survive

    *A collaborative post When shots of caffeine and “my assignment is due tomorrow” stress is not enough to keep your student life afloat, you may need a little outside assistance. I did my research,…

  • Encouraging learning with Education Quizzes

    *This is a collaborative post My nearly-four year old son is a quick learner. Despite his anxiety about going into school, when he is there, he absolutely loves it. He loves learning new things…

  • Meal Planning Monday 23rd January 2017

    Another Monday, another Meal Planning post. Last week we had a really good week meal wise. The fridge was stocked with fresh, yummy ingredients and we did well with sticking to plan. I’m sure…