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*A collaborative post with Harvester

We love to eat out as a family and one of our favourite restaurants to visit and eat at is Harvester. We have a couple of restaurants quite local to where we live and as we all usually fancy something different for dinner, Harvester is great for us as the menu has something for everyone and there’s the salad bar, we love the salad bar!


We all know that food tastes the best when it’s at its freshest and that’s why Harvester aims to provide their customers with the freshest of ingredients in their meals, with the freshest fruit and vegetables straight from the farm to the fork. They want to educate both children and the wider family about how they get the freshest ingredients, how long the journey takes and why they want to get the best produce they can for their customers.

They’ve created a series of videos about where the vegetables they use in their restaurants come from and they give a little insight into how the food on your plate has got to its final destination. Olly is a very inquisitive little boy so it’s a great video to show him just where the carrots and peas he ate for dinner came from. It’s great to show children an insight into where the food they eat comes from. They need to learn that it doesn’t just come from a supermarket.

Along with supply partners, Fresh Direct, Harvester want to show their commitment to sourcing and providing only the freshest ingredients for the meals that their restaurants cook. Fresh Direct expert, Duncan Parsonage explains how the food eaten at Harvester will always be fresh from the farm to the fork.

Did you know that they pick over 19,000 lettuces a week to use in their restaurants? Did you know that the strawberries used in their desserts are picked, washed and sent to the restaurants within just 24 hours? Carrots are harvested, washed and delivered to restaurants within 72 hours. With three deliveries to restaurants a week, the ingredients are always at their peak enabling Harvester to provide their customers with the freshest ingredients and in turn, the tastiest meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Don’t forget to check out the other videos on the Harvester You Tube channel to find out where your favourite dish comes from and to find out what’s on the menu at your local restaurant head on over to the Harvester website.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 20/12/2016 at 10:26 pm

    Oh, thanks for sharing this. My little girl is always asking questions about where food comes from, I’m going to watch the video with her tomorrow. We love the salad bar at harvester too!

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