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Moving house can be stressful. There’s lots to think about from all the legalities, to decluttering and then packing up the whole of the house and that’s without thinking about keeping the children occupied whilst you do it all. The removal experts, AnyVan, understand the stress that parents go through during this tricky time and have designed BoxForts, a range of humble cardboard boxes to help inject a bit of fun into the experience for families moving home.


Research from AnyVan, suggests that 9 in 10 parents find moving house is the most stressful time in a parents life, more so than a job interview or even marriage. With children worrying about not being in their old bedrooms, meeting new neighbours to play with and the possibility of changing schools, it’s no wonder that the average time it takes for a house to become a home is 1.3 years.

BoxForts have been developed to help children create a safe space amongst the chaos of packing. With the strain of moving prominent for all the family, the first option in the range is a cardboard box that can be transformed into a fort complete with portcullis, towers and accessories. The forts can be created by simply folding the cardboard or popping out pieces along pre-designed perforations.


The second option in the range is a series of cardboard boxes which fit together to create giant forts. The range is currently being trialled by parents.


Sam Wass of Boxforts mentions “AnyVan’s concept of making cardboard boxes into play tools will make moving a better experience for children, as the forts give children a ‘safe place’ during the move – somewhere they can retreat to, with their toys while everything is changing around them.”

I personally love the idea of BoxForts. Olly is a huge fan of making dens and would love using big boxes to build walls and doorways. We’d be able to pack up one room at a time and create a series of forts, it would be lots of fun.

Alongside BoxForts, AnyVan have some tips on how to make moving easier with children:

  1. Involve children in the move
    Let children know they will be moving between a month and two months before hand, so they have time to think about it but not to get worried. Show them the local area and point out the new things like the shops, school, playground and parks so they can imagine the fun they will have there. Visit the new house with them before the move and point out their new room.
  2. Give them some control
    Let your children help you choose things like paint, furniture and other decorations, By including them, they will feel excited about the new house rather than worried.
  3. If your kids are of school age, don’t move during term time
    Starting school half way through the year means they will have to not only catch up with their schoolwork but friendship groups will be more clearly define. Moving during the summer make the transition much easier.
  4. Stick to the routine
    Continuity is important so do the same things you did beforehand, such as game nights and family meal times. Also, invite close relatives over to visit. This way they will feel they have just changed house rather than losing their homes.
  5. Make the move fun
    Make the move itself fun by playing games with the moving boxes. We all know kids love boxes as it gives them a safe place to escape to using their imagination.
  6. Don’t show them you’re stressed
    Children can pick up on your emotional cues so if you’re feeling stressed and it’s showing, this can lead to your children suffering too. Thinking positive and being openly positive can show children that everything will be okay.


For more information about BoxForts or for more tips on how to manage a successful move, visit the AnyVan website or give them a tweet over on Twitter using the handle@AnyVan and the hashtag #AVBoxForts.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 13/11/2016 at 3:14 pm

    This looks so much fun! My girls would love a box fort even though we’re not moving. It’s a great way to make the move less stressful though.

  • Reply Kat | Beau Twins 15/11/2016 at 8:59 pm

    What a superb idea! If we move, which I am hoping to do in the next year we will check this out. Note made! Thanks lovely. x

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