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As you grow older, it is interesting how you find yourself suddenly taking an interest in potential gifts that are more befitting your advancing years.  Sure, when I was in my twenties and child-less, the answer to the annual question, “so what would like for Christmas?” would usually be answered by looking no further than a game for my console, a gadget of some description or something sports related.  Whilst my interests in these things are still there, the march headlong into my thirties has brought with it a new sense of perspective.  I now find myself musing idly through TV adverts for male grooming products and practical things that would help me to do things on my ‘to-do’ list slightly more efficiently, thinking “hmmm, that would be useful”.  Given that I do consider myself quite hard to buy for, I figured that there must be tons of guys like me.  I would certainly put myself into the kind of category of a guy who is happy with everything that he has, doesn’t really need anything, but still acknowledges that people are going to ask the same question from earlier.  So what would I like for Christmas?

modern dad christmas gift guide

My change in job has given me the benefit of also changing some of the patterns of my life, and reading is now something which I am able to do much more of.  I have always been a big fan of non-fiction books, and some of the 2016 bestsellers are certainly of interest.  Why not consider “Prisoners of Geography”, by Tim Marshall, which describes itself as ‘ten maps which tell you all you need about global politics’, or the upcoming book of photography authored by Tim Peake, entitled “Hello, is this Planet Earth?” charting his record breaking mission aboard the International Space Station.  For someone who is more into humour, you might consider some of the Enid Blyton parodies penned by Bruno Vincent, such as “Five on Brexit Island” or “Five Go On A Strategy Awayday” or maybe even (for the fathers) “Five Go Parenting”.  Continuing on that theme, there are also a range of Ladybird books for adults fresh from the pens of Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, one of which is entitled simply “How it works, the Mum”.

One of my main jobs around the house is to take care of the weekly food shopping.  My wife is a self-confessed anti-shopper.  She does not enjoy the prospect of a browse around the local supermarket, and would much rather shop from the comfort of the laptop over a trip to the nearest out of town shoppers paradise.  Given that I quite enjoy the food shopping (it is a job that me and Olly do quite well!), one thing that has caused me some mild irritation is the thorny issue of remembering carrier bags.  So when I spotted Trolley Bags on an advert, I was naturally drawn towards them.  If you know a man in your life who loves to do the food shopping but is forever forgetting his carrier bags, this may just be a perfect gift; practical, useful and cost-saving – no more 5p bags!

Music is always a thorny issue, as it is such a personal taste.  However one thing that is guaranteed is that regardless of music taste, whether it be Abba or Frank Zappa, we still need a way of listening to it.  With a shift in the direction of technology that is starting to eliminate the seemingly ubiquitous headphone jack, wireless headphones are a suggestion for something that could be both a great gift for now and also future proof.  The Philips Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones would be an excellent gift for someone looking for a great sound and quality gift that won’t smash your bank balance apart.

Another neat idea that is different, is to consider gifting a Christmas tree.  Many men wait patiently for the suggestion to go and collect the tree, which rarely fits into the back of a standard car.  All you can think of, as you shove the poor tree in to the boot, trying not to decapitate your child as it goes shooting into the back seat, is that “those pine needles are going to go everywhere”.  Gifting someone a Christmas tree from Pines and Needles would certainly make someone’s day, week, month and year.  No-one’s going to turn their nose up at a Christmas tree. They’re going to whoop with delight, unpack all the decorations immediately and get creative. They’re going to get all teary-eyed as they realise that you’ve been thinking of them at Christmas time and it will be the one gift that truly sums up the meaning at this time of year.

I mentioned male grooming earlier.  My wife has been joking with me for a few years now about a nose hair trimmer.  Up until now I have always passed the idea off with faux-outrage, and how-dare-you-I-don’t-need-one-of-those-I’m-only-insert-age-here.  However, the more I march onwards into my thirties, the more I actually think it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  When you occasionally look at your nose and wonder if you could actually plait it or stick it in a bobble; that might be the time to consider a nose hair trimmer.  The BaByliss for Men mini trimmer wouldn’t break the bank, and although it’s not Romantic Gift of the Century, hey, we love practicality, right?

The final thing which I am going to suggest, is power.  Don’t worry ladies, I don’t mean that you need to start kneeling before men and granting their every wish, I am talking about mobile power.  Probably one of the biggest annoyances in modern life, is running out of mobile battery.  A small battery pack isn’t really going to cut it, as this will probably only be good for a quick charge of one device.  Given that we now carry around up to 4 or 5 devices requiring power, what is needed is a power pack that is capable of charging a few times over.  Why not consider the imuto 20,000MaH compact external battery power bank portable charger?  It would be an excellent piece of tech that would satisfy even the most power hungry men.

Good luck with your Christmas gift buying this year.  Remember, us men are inherently pretty simple creatures when it comes to gifts.  Make us laugh, give us something shiny or glossy, or impress us by filling a niche in our daily lives.  If you follow this rule of thumb, you will guarantee to put smiles on faces on December 25th.  Happy Christmas shopping!

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 13/11/2016 at 3:06 pm

    Ooh some brilliant suggestions! I want to read the Tim Peake book myself! He seems like such a lovely person and I still chuckle at the fact he dialled a wrong number when he was phoning his family from space!

  • Reply Tracey Williams 16/11/2016 at 3:29 pm

    Great post and I am definitely with Emma about food shopping. Give me a laptop over the shops anyday. I keep seeing those Enid Blyton books everywhere, and I must admit I fancy reading some of them myself. I might get some for the husband and have a sneaky read of them first x

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