Find Sid the Sausage Roll a home


*Post in collaboration with Wall’s Pastry and Asda

This is Sid. Sid is a Sausage Roll and he loves to spend time with the family. He’s a bit of an adventurer as he loves to explore and he want’s to meet you!

Find Sid a home

If you follow me over on Twitter you may have noticed that Sid has been getting up to a variety of things over the last few weeks and we’ve been taking his photograph at various different places. If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been getting up to and why we’ve been taking photographs of Sid out and about, well let me enlighten you.

Find Sid A Home, is a brilliant campaign from Wall’s Pastry. Families are encouraged to register to take part in the fun and collect their Find Sid pack from their local ASDA (or families can download a pack once they’ve registered). The Find Sid packs contain lots of fun activities, stickers and a cardboard ‘pop out’ Sid himself.

Sid at the cinema #FindSidAHome

Sid at the cinema

Once Sid has arrived at home, the family can take part in lots of fun activities with Sid in a bid to win prizes. The child or family that takes the best care of their Sid, will be sent a real knitted one to join the family.


Sid has a number of activities that he wants to take part in and each task has a point’s value which moves a user up their region’s leader board once completed. There are prizes for the winner from each of the 5 regions, including £200 Haven Holiday Voucher, £245 Venture Studios photograph voucher, £75 Virgin Experience voucher, £150 Wall’s pastry vouchers and the chance to win an exclusive knitted Sid in their region’s design.

Sid on the move

Sid on the move

The tasks range from easy to hard with the harder tasks bagging the most points. We’ve been enjoying taking part in the tasks and our Sid the Sausage Roll has enjoyed a number of activities with our family; Sid has been to the cinema and hung out amongst the popcorn, Sid has had a sleepover, Sid has read a book with Olly and his Daddy, Sid has been on the move and Sid went to work.

Sid had a sleepover

Sid had a sleepover

How to get involved

  • It’s really easy to take part. Simply pop into your local Asda to collect your Find Sid pack, or download your pack online.
  • Take Sid with you absolutely everywhere. Remember to take a photograph of Sid along the way with him taking part in the activities with the family. You can check out the gallery of Sid photographs online for further inspiration.
  • Share your photograph of Sid over on Twitter using the hashtag #FindSidAHome
  • Start totting up the points on your region’s leader board for the chance to win some brilliant prizes.

You can find out more information about how to get involved here 

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