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With Christmas Day less than six weeks away, the pressure to get the right gifts for the big day is on. If you struggle with gift ideas for the children in your extended family, maybe I can help. I’ve been working with BrightMinds, an online educational toy shop for children to come up with a Christmas gift guide with some brilliant, age appropriate gifts for children. 

BrightMinds, have a huge range of gifts and toys that aim to encourage the development of their imaginations. All the toys that feature on their website are innovative and have an educational and developmental aspect. Children learn through play and BrightMinds believe that their range of toys can help develop children in key areas of learning and development. 

Brightminds gift guide

With this in mind, I’ve put together a gift guide of ideas for primary aged children. Of course, all children are different and develop at different rates so these are just suggestions using BrightMinds website and my selection of age appropriate toys. 

Pre-school / Nursery (aged 3-4) 

With inquisitive eyes, pre-schoolers have a real interest in the everyday world around them. Role play can give them an insight into a life that they’re learning about and playing with role play toys is so much fun. The Learning Resources Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register is great for little ones to practice their early maths skills and can help build their imagination as they play shops.

Reception (aged 4-5) 

Having the chance to be creative in the home environment can really help to develop little minds. The Djeco Collage for Little Ones allows little ones to sit and concentrate whilst they design their own collages. Maybe they’ll create a cat with stripy socks or a rabbit with jeans on. Whatever they come up with it’ll be a masterpiece that they can change with whatever creative flair takes their fancy.

Year One (aged 5-6) 

At school, children in Year One are beginning to learn more about science and enjoying fun but basic science experiments to progress their learning. Have the fun at home with the 4M Great Gizmo Bubble Rocket which is guaranteed to wow. Let them stomp on the pump and watch the bubbles develop and before they know it, the force will lift up the rocket into the air.

Year Two (aged 6-7) 

Continuing with an interest in Science, children of this age begin to have a real interest in their bodies. The Human Body Thames and Kosmos Little Labs has is a fun way for children to learn all about the human body. With fun experiments including making their own stethoscope this science kit is a must for all budding scientists who like to solve problems.

Year Three (aged 7-8) 

Children often don’t realise how big the world really is so this Orchard Toys World Map Puzzle and Poster will help them understand a bit more about the make up of our planet. Linking with National Curriculum Geography, the puzzle will help teach children where countries and continents lie on the map as well as building problem solving abilities as they aim to complete the puzzle.

Year Four (aged 8-9) 

As children get older, their brains develop as they collect knowledge from the environment around them. They rely on past experiences in everyday situations so encouraging them to remember things is a brilliant way of sharping their memory. The Brainbox All Around The World game is a brilliant game with over 70 illustrated cards containing facts and images of countries around the world, including capital cities, landmarks, flags, facts about food, sport, and animals. Children are asked to look at the card for 10 seconds then answer the question about that card. A fun game perfect for Boxing Day games with the whole family.

Year Five (aged 9-10) 

Turning everyday objects into something completely different is exciting. As their knowledge of science builds this 4M Great Gizmo Tin Can Robot will help encourage their problem solving skills as well as developing their hands on practical skills.

Year Six (aged 10 – 11) 

As children learn more about the world they live in, their interest in space heightens. They may have already been inspired by ESA Astronaut Tim Peake’s adventure into space on the International Space Station so letting them explore outer space and astrology with a GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope would be the perfect gift. The telescope is the ideal first telescope for wanna astronomers.

I’ve loved using the BrightMinds website to gather gift ideas for the children in the family. I hope it helps you too! You can find more toys and gift ideas from BrightMinds over on their website here. 

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  • Reply Emma Lofthouse-Burch 15/11/2016 at 7:59 pm

    This is a fab gift guide, my boys would love the bubble rocket x

  • Reply Plutonium Sox 15/11/2016 at 8:19 pm

    Ooh some brilliant ideas! I love BrightMinds too. We bought a telescope from somewhere else for Libby for her birthday but it’s not that great really and she would love to have a better one so I’ll be checking this one out.

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