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Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Whether it’s cat or a dog, a rabbit or a guinea pig, it’s another mouth to feed and another head to look after and care for.  We had been pet owners for just short of ten years when our gorgeous Westie, died last year. We were completely devastated (and still are if we’re being truthful) with huge Westie shaped holes left in our hearts. It’s not the right time for us to get another pet so when PetPlan asked if Olly could draw them his perfect pet to transform into a soft toy, we thought it was a great idea.

We had talked to Olly about all the different pets that people have at home and if he liked them (or not) We are huge dog lovers in our family and have always favoured dogs over cats. I’m not an insect fan and don’t really like animals that can run off quite quickly and disappear around the home (sorry Jerry mouse, it’s not you, it’s me!) so when we were talking to Olly about the features of what his favourite pet would have, it was not surprising to hear that Olly wasn’t much of a fan of little insects or creatures either.

This is Bob. Bob isn’t a dog or a cat. Bob is a blob. He’s not your average pet, he doesn’t have arms or legs but has a mop of black hair on his head. He’s a smiley little fella with twinkly eyes and a big heart, just look at that smile. He’s the best kind of pet for sure! (You know when you want to intervene and draw something awesome but then realise this is something pretty amazing as it’s entirely your three year olds own work and just roll with it!)

Olly loved drawing Bob, he apparently is a very loyal friend who would do anything for you, he doesn’t eat much and doesn’t make a mess and will happily look after the house for you when you’re out. Sounds like a pretty perfect pet to me!


When Bob arrived, we couldn’t believe how well made he was. Bob in cuddly, soft toy form was just the same as he was on paper. How brilliant! Olly was completely delighted with him and said he was perfect! High praise indeed.

PetPlan Bob ideal pet

PetPlan Bob ideal pet

We’re not ready to commit to another pet at the moment. Owning a pet is a big financial commitment too, there’s vets bills to consider as well as Pet Insurance from Petplan, food to buy and accessories such as leads, collars, beds, towels, toys. There’s no wonder Mikey was like our firstborn for a few years! We would recommend to anyone thinking of getting a pet to think ahead, they’re not just a short term thing, they’re part of the family and will be part of the family for years to come.

What do you think of Bob? What your children create if they were asked to draw their dream pet? Thanks to PetPlan for the opportunity to create Bob, we love him!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with PetPlan but all words and images are our own.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 17/10/2016 at 8:32 pm

    Oh I love Bob the blob! I agree that having a pet is such a commitment and many people don’t understand it when they get one. Although I wouldn’t be without mine.

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