What to pack for a luxury cruise

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Cruises are a fantastic alternative to the more traditional holiday. While I can usually find plenty to do in a new city in a different country for two weeks, more and more people are turning to cruises, seeing them as a chance to go on mini travelling breaks but without the risk.


Luxurious surroundings, entertainment every night, tonnes of different delicacies from around the world, and the chance to explore a new destination every time you sail into port – what’s not to love? With this in mind, I thought I’d give you just a few quick tips on what you should be taking with you;

Take your largest suitcase

You should be making the most of your time aboard a cruise ship, and that means taking a lot of different outfits with you. Maximise on the amount of luggage you can take, and make sure you have a different outfit for each day and night. There will be many different forms of activities on during the day, from swimming to ballroom dancing and even rock climbing depending on your ship’s facilities.


In the evening, make sure you have plenty of glamourous dresses ready to go for each new night of entertainment. If you have to cut down somewhere, I’d suggest reducing the number of shoes you take and things like jewellery. I stick to a couple of statement pieces, like these from ChloBo charm bracelet collection, and some long-drop earrings for a dramatic touch to any outfit.

Plan for changing weather

Aside from what your ship has to offer, if you’ve docked it means you’ll need an outfit for exploring new exotic cities and ancient ruins. Depending on where your ship is headed, this could mean you’re likely to encounter a variety of different weather conditions, so another reason for having your large suitcase is so that you can take things with you to plan for it.

Have a couple of warm jumpers with you, some jeans, and a few items that can be layered. Don’t waste space taking blankets though as you can get extra on-board. You should also make sure you take a good pair of walking boots with you rather than just flip flops; it would be a shame to miss out on all those exciting cities just because of a little rain!

Have you thought about seasickness?

The other side to planning for adverse weather though is making sure you have seasickness medication. Although many ships these days are designed to keep seasickness to a minimum via the use of stabilising technology, it’s still worth taking some with you if you suffer badly from it. These can usually be picked up from any chemist, but another trick is to book a room in the centre of the ship lower down, where the least turbulence is felt.

Did you find these tips useful? You can find some more advice on what to pack for a cruise right here, but if you have anything to share yourself, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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