Sharing precious times with Grandparents


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Throughout my childhood, spending time with my grandparents was really important. They’ve given me experiences I would never have had, they’ve given me advice from different perspectives and they’ve given me unconditional love which has really helped to shape the person, and Mum that I am today.

I have really fond memories of spending time with my grandparents (my Mom’s parents). They’re the ones who took me and my sister camping in the school holiday to Wales, the Yorkshire Dales, Derbyshire and the South Coast. We spent time exploring the UK, visiting the local sights,  encouraged us to make friends with other children we met on campsites and they gave me the independence to learn new things and to make eggy bread around the campfire.

I also have really fond memories of spending time with my Nan and Grandad on my Dad’s side. Sadly my Nan passed away when I was quite young and as my Grandad was pretty reliant on my Nan, he moved into our home with us and we spent a year living or so with my Grandad. At the time, it was a big adventure for me and my Sister as we had to share a bedroom but we got to know my Grandad quite well and I’m sure I developed my love for diarising from him. He wrote a diary every day and loved to write.


A photograph taken during one of many camping trips; my Grandparents, my Sister and our boys

Having a close relationship with my grandparents has been really important to me and this is something that I’ve wanted for my Son too. Following my maternity leave and returning to work was hard for me but it was made easier knowing that Olly was in good hands. Whilst I was at work, both my in-laws and my Mum took it in turns to look after Olly for us and from that, Olly’s got a wonderfully strong relationship with his Grandparents.

He’s learning so much from them. He’s been growing some plants and vegetables in the greenhouse with my Father-in-law and has been learning words and phonics with my Mother-in-law. He’s been learning to bake cakes with my Mom and shares a passion for airplanes with my Dad. It’s so lovely to see their bond develop, I know Olly can be honest and open with them both and I hope this is something that will continue and get stronger as he gets older and they share more experiences together.

We are so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful grandparents, we really do treasure our memories and our precious time together so we’ll definitely be spoiling our Grandparents this Sunday. Did you know it’s national Grandparent’s Day? I know Olly will be making a handmade card and will want to make something for all his Nanny and Grandad’s this weekend to show how much he cares.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 29/09/2016 at 1:15 pm

    Aw I didn’t know it was grandparents day! I should probably get a card or something, I had no idea!

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