The worst gift I ever received | my #GiftCrimes confession


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We’ve all been there. We’ve received a gift from a friend or family member and we’ve had to somehow plaster on a smile and say “Thank You” when in actual fact, you really don’t like it and it’s probably the worst gift someone could have got you.

I’m usually very grateful for gifts that I have received, I love that friends and family have thought about me and wanted to give me a gift that they imagined would me smile. I hate to be ungrateful but in the past, I have been (sorry!) and it’s time to confess them to you and get it off my chest.

The worst gift I’ve ever received

When my husband and I got married, we were already living in our own home and didn’t need anymore toasters, knives sets or crockery. We were hopeful that our friends and family would appreciate this and so in our invitations we asked politely for money if any of our guests wanted to gift us with something on our wedding day. We received some amazing cards, trinket gifts and money which we were very appreciative of, however we also were given the most horrendous set of espresso mugs from one of my husbands work colleagues. What makes this even more laughable is that my husband hates coffee with a passion and has never drunk it at work ever! The mugs were an awful animal print (think Pat Butcher and you’re half way there!) and they were just awful. I’m not sorry to say that we gave them to the local charity shop for someone else to enjoy!

Over the next few years I’ll no doubt be buying gifts for Olly’s friends at school and hopefully we’ll know what kind of present to give them for a birthday. Luckily, there’s GiftWink; a website that has handpicked a range of gifts for children for a variety of ages. You’ll never need to ask friends with children of a certain age what they’re into for ideas. You’ll not need to worry that your guft is awful because all the gifts in the selection at GiftWink have had the thumbs up of approval from Mums. There’s even a birthday calendar for you to fill in so you’ll never forget that birthday again with handy reminders landing in your inbox to remind you just in case life gets in the way.


GiftWink have a great competition running until 25th September 2016 where they want to know all about your #GiftCrimes as I’ve shared above. I’m sure you’ve all got a story or two to share and it’s great therapy getting it off your chest. You can find out more here. Can’t wait to hear all about the worst gifts you’ve received too!

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 12/09/2016 at 10:32 am

    Oh I like this idea! I’m always unsure what to get for my cousin’s little one so it will be great to be able to hop over to a website that gives me suggestions!

  • Reply Sam | North East Family Fun 12/09/2016 at 6:34 pm

    Oh no for the awful mugs! I think my worst gift was some pretty terrible tea towels – I guess it is the thought that counts but tea towels? Really?

  • Reply Joanne Homer 14/09/2016 at 8:01 am

    I clicked to read this whilst holding my breath in case it was something me or Darren had given you in the past, glad we didn’t make” confession volume 1! ”

    I think my worst gift was a pair of neon multi coloured tights/leggings off a relative when I was younger. I thought they were awful at the time but then found myself wearing something similar to an 80’s party just a few years ago!

  • Reply Hannah 14/09/2016 at 7:24 pm

    A relative of mine always buys me bubble bath or some kind of set like that but they are the kind of fiver jobbies. I’m grateful that they take the time to pick something for me but am beginning to think they think I smell bad haha!

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