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September 2016

    The Me and Mine Project | September 2016


    September has been a month full of change for us all. It was the month where our daily routines changed forever with Olly starting pre-school and the introduction of the school run. I’ve reduced my hours at work so I can be involved in his new routine and it’s been a huge change for us all, one we are still accepting and trying to adjust to.

    The Me and Mine Project September 2016

    In September, Mummy has

    • loved spending some quality time with Olly, just the two of us
    • booked tickets to see Olly Murs on tour in 2017
    • really enjoyed BlogOnMSI in Manchester and learnt lots
    • enjoyed getting her craft on and has made a start on her Christmas Craft Fair decorations
    • realised she absolutely cannot do it all

    In September, Daddy has

    • enjoyed a trip to the Animal Sanctuary and made friends with Duke the Donkey
    • finally had his new Walsall FC shirt as an anniversary gift off the Mrs
    • being very proud of Olly adapting to life at school
    • cracked on with the next phase of his Masters degree

    In September, Olly has

    • started pre-school and loves it (despite the tears when he gets there)
    • enjoyed a day at Thomas Land with Mummy
    • made cakes with Nanny Cooper
    • made his own pizza
    • enjoyed the Sea Life Birmingham with Nanny and Grandad Shilton
    • grown another centimetre and out of his aged 3 jeans!

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