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A recent survey from Sudocrem recently revealed that children of this generation spend less than 5 hours a week playing outside. The statistics are concerning and add more weight to the argument that children are spending more time playing on tablets and other screens than getting outside and using their imagination, fueling the stats in support of childhood obesity epidemic.

Play more campaign

The results of the survey also go to explain why parents are not letting their children play outdoors with over half of parents asked (57%) believe it was much safer to play outside when they were younger. This also adds weight to the claim that parents are wrapping up their children in cotton wool with parents being more concerned about child injuries than ever before.

Cotton wool parenting?

As a parent of a three year old boy, I can see why other parents are not letting their children play outside. I remember fondly the days when I would play outside my childhood home with my younger sister and our neighbours. We would play for hours in the summer holidays, playing on our bikes and making dens. My parents would need to drag us in from playing outside for our dinner and a hot bath to clean us off from the days enjoyment. Things are very different these days. There are more cars on the road than back in the 80’s and I don’t know if it’s because they’re more widely reported but there seems to be more risks with letting your children out of your sight. 

There is no way that I would let my little boy play outside on his own however, I fully support the Play More campaign, championed by Sudocrem to encourage pre-school children to play more outside. I have fantastic memories from my childhood of playing outside and this is something I’d love my son to have too.

Playing playground Dudmaston2

Child psychologist Dr. Lindsay Ip explains, “Children today are more used to immediate gratification from technology and digital games than active, creative play in the outdoors and connection to humans and nature. That’s why we have a responsibility as a society to encourage our children to get outside and play. It’s important for their health and educational development.

Nominate your child’s nursery to win

Play More are offering the chance for 10 nurseries around the UK to win either £500 to renovate their outdoor play area or £500 worth of Play More toy equipment.

When we had a look around the pre-school that our little boy will be attending in September, we were shown the outdoor play space which was brilliant. It had a mud kitchen and a wooden pirate ship. All of which Olly is going to absolutely love playing on come rain or shine. I love that we’ve been asked to provide wellington boots and wet weather gear as standard for him. He’s going to have such a fantastic time.

If you’d like to nominate your child’s nursery* to improve their outdoor facilities, head on over to www.sudocrem.co.uk/social-hub and nominate.

*All nurseries must be based in the UK and nominations close on 31.08.2016. For full Terms and Conditions, please visit www.sudocrem.co.uk/social-hub

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 07/08/2016 at 10:41 am

    I think it’s great for children to play outside more, in fact my two are almost always outside. But I agree with you that it will be a good few years before I’ll let them go out and about on their own.

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